[Can plum skins be eaten]_Plums_How to eat_How to eat

[Can plum skins be eaten]_Plums_How to eat_How to eat

Can plum skins be eaten?

Of course, plum skin can be eaten, as long as it is washed, it can be eaten as long as the nucleus is vomited. However, it should be noted that eating more plums may cause some adverse effects, especially for people who have a bad stomachEat less pears.

1. You can eat the skin of plums. The skin of plums is edible, but it is only a little bit sour. Some people may be afraid that the plums are pesticides, so the skins of plums will be removed every time they eat.Pesticides can be used, so if you don’t worry, you can soak the plums with salt water before eating early, sterilize and disinfect, and then wash them with water before eating.

2. Different from person to person Many people may feel that the texture of plum skin is not good. It feels hard besides acid, and it is difficult to digest, so they will peel when eating plum. These are based on personal taste.In fact, the skin of plums is also nutritious. The skin of plums is rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have antioxidant effects and have a protective effect on the cardiovascular, especially the liver.

3. It is not easy to digest, but the skin of plums is not easy to digest for people with poor gastrointestinal function. The digestive function of people with poor gastrointestinal function is poor. Plums are cold and may cause some damage to the gastrointestinal.The skin is more difficult to digest, so people with a bad stomach can remove the skin by eating plums, but it is best to eat less plums.

4. Also pay attention when eating plums. Do not eat raw plums. Raw plums may cause poisoning, physical discomfort, and raw plums are not delicious. If you find that the plums are not ripe, do not eat them.Now, don’t be afraid to waste and eat it hard. It may be harmful to the body, so try to wait until the plums are cooked before eating.