2015 Snooker China-Ding Junhui beats 103 points and wins Williams to enter the quarterfinals

OntheeveningofApril2,Beijingtime,the2015WorldSnookerChinaOpencontinuedattheBeijingUniversityGymnasium.Inthe1/8finals,defendingchampionDingJunhuicontinuedtomaintainapositivemomentum,scoringabreakof100,5-2Lectra,oneofthe75topthreeMarkWilliams,advancedtothequarter-finalsagainstHigginsandTrumpThewinner.DingJunhuidefeatedWilliams5-2toadvancetothequarterfinalsofthefirsttworounds.DingJunhuidefeatedCampbellandMarkDaviswithtwo5-1s,sweepingawaythehazeofthesixroundsthisyear,inafestiveatmosphereZhongusheredinhis28thbirthday.MarkWilliams,whohasimprovedthisseason,alsodidnothavemuchtrouble.After5-2eliminationofZhaoXintong,hesweptLeslie5-0.Thetwoplayerswhowere12yearsoldandmetinthethirdround.  Beforethetwosidesplayed19times,DingJunhuitookaclearadvantagewith11wins,2drawsand6losses.Itisworthmentioningthatinthepastfouryears,DingJunhuihasmaintainedhisproudrecordofwinningfivegamesagainstJinlefthand.Varioussurfaces,thebalanceofvictoryisonDingJunhui’sside.  Sureenough,inthefirstgame,Williamsfailedtotrytoattack,theredballstayedinthecornerofthebag,andformedafartablewiththecueball.Asshowninthefigure,DingJunhuiisstillsteadilyscoring,scoring68pointsashotandtransferredtodefense.DingJunhui,whowasbackfromtheleftwithaleft-handedshot,continuedtoscorethroughthefartable,makingamistakeinthemiddlepocket76-0.Therearestillfiveredballsonthetable,andWilliamsrecovered32pointsandusedthelastredballasasnooker.AlthoughDingJunhuioncemissed4points,WilliamsgaveupaftersnookerandmissedCOSCO.DingJunhuiled1-0.  Inthesecondgame,DingJunhuionceagainshowedaprecisefarset,butwhenhittingtheblackball,aredballalsofellintothemiddlepocket,andmissedanexcellentopportunityforacontinuousattack.Williamswasverycautiouswhenhesucceeded,andthe39-5leadwasstillamistakeintheblackball.DingJunhuilostthelastredballin42-39overtakingandsentafreekickinthenextdefensiveerror.AndWilliamsattackeduntilthelastcoffeeballmissed,regeneratingvariablesonthefield.Afterafewroundsofdefense,DingJunhuiscoredacoffeeballfromthefartableandreceivedacolorfulballtothenextcity64-54,thescorewas2-0.  Inthethirdgame,DingJunhuitooktheleadinthreeconsecutivegamesandscoredonly22points.HeleftWilliamswithaverycomfortableline.Williams,whowasinanunfavorablesituation,successfullyadjusted,seizingtheopportunitytohitasingleshot91pointstopullbacktothecity.Inthefourthgame,DingJunhui,thedefensivebattle,foundabreakthrough,scoringasingleshotwith103pointstoclearthetable,andre-leadingJin3-1withtwoleft-handedinnings.Whenhehitthelastpinkballduringtheperiod,thecueballhittheblackballinthecornerofthebag,shockedfourseats,andwonthelottery!  Afterthebreak,thegameenteredthefifthround.Aftertherest,Williamsneatlyreturnedto81points,2-3.FacedwiththetightpaceofJin’slefthand,DingJunhuididnothaveasofthand,andenteredtheCOSCOTaiwaninthesixthcornerwithaweakcorner.Hescored42pointsandmadealittleharder,resultinginnoredballandheturnedtodefense.Williamsmissedtheoffense,DingJunhui’sinningsexpandedto57-0offensiveblackballmisalignment,buttheblackballsealedthebag.Williamsstormedthetopbagagainandstillfailed.Ontheotherhand,DingJunhuishowedconfidenceandfoundaredballtoattackdecisively,regaininghisfirsthandandthendefendingashot.Facingthisproblem,therestoftheredballwasscatteredhalfaset.Inthefaceofthisproblem,theimpatientJinlefthandvigorouslysolvedtheballandfailedtogetamiracle.Instead,herescuedtheblackballfromthebag.DingJunhuireceivedthisgift,86-0andthentothenextcity,4-2tooktheleadinobtainingmatchpoints.  Intheseventhgame,Williamsmademistakesindefenseandoffensesuccessively.DingJunhuiscoreda34-0leadandaccidentallymissedtheballinthebag.ThedistractedWilliamsonceagainpaidthepricefortheoffensiveoffense.Thistime,DingJunhuididnotgiveopponentsachancetoplay.68-0wonthegame.Thetotalscorewas5-2.LectraWilliams,advancingtothetop8willbe1/1.4FinalsagainstthewinnersofHigginsandTrump.(Moline)

[Can Aunt Liver drink alcohol]_Aunt Liver_Drinking_Can I drink?

We are just inlaid, and we are in trouble, we are in trouble, we are bored.
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[Changes in drinking black rice porridge for one month]

[Changes in drinking black rice porridge for one month]

Autumn is a season especially suitable for drinking porridge. In autumn, people mainly focus on nutritious foods. They all know that they should eat more foods with high nutritional value in autumn, so that they can reserve energy for the body in winter.Avoid winter body fat, black rice porridge has the effect, what changes after drinking black rice porridge.

The efficacy and role of black rice porridge Black rice contains a lot of natural black rice pigments and trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper, selenium.

Studies have shown that selenium is a nutrient required by the human body and is a strong antioxidant, which acts like a vitamin, but its effect is better.

It usually contains vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene, and cardiolipin, which are lacking in ordinary rice, so black rice has higher nutritional value than ordinary rice.

Eating more black rice has appetizing benefits, nourishing the spleen, warming the liver, promoting blood circulation, smoothing and astringent tonic, and has a good nourishing effect on teenage white hair, women’s postpartum weakness, post-ill-health and anemia, kidney deficiency symptoms.

The practice of black rice porridge The practice of black rice porridge is homegrown black rice porridge material 100 grams of black rice, brown sugar amount.

First, wash the black rice and soak it in cold water. 1?
3 hours.

Put the water into the pot and cook the porridge. When the porridge is thick, add brown sugar and use low heat for 1 hour.

Assorted black rice porridge materials: white rice 50 grams, black rice 50 grams, red beans 30 grams, peanuts 20 grams, dried dates.

Practice mixing all ingredients and soak for 24 hours in advance.

Remove the dates.

Add water into the pressure cooker and cook into a soft porridge until the peanuts are also soft.

Black rice osmanthus porridge materials: 100 grams of black rice, 50 grams of red beans, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of peanuts, 20 grams of osmanthus, and a moderate amount of rock sugar.

Wash black rice and soak for 6 hours; wash red beans and soak for 1 hour; wash lotus seeds; wash peanuts and drain for later use.

Set the pot on the fire. Put black rice, red beans, and lotus seeds into the pot, add 1,000 grams of water, and boil over low heat for 1 hour; add peanuts and continue to cook for 30 minutes.

Add osmanthus, rock sugar, mix well and cook for 3 minutes.

Red date peanut black rice porridge material: 10 red dates, 50g red beans, 90g black rice, 80g glutinous rice, 25g peanuts, and moderate sugar.

Practice 1.

Prepare ingredients.


Rinse rice and black rice for 1 hour.


Wash the red beans and peanuts and soak for 1 hour.


Wash red dates for later use.


Add rice and black rice to the electric pressure cooker.


Add red beans and peanuts.


Add red dates.


Add the right amount of water.


Add the right amount of rock sugar.


Cover and set to cook for 30 minutes before serving.

Ingredients for black rice and red bean porridgeMix the ingredients together, wash them with water, then add an appropriate amount of cold water to bring the heat to a large level.


Ten minutes after boiling, replace the medium and small with the heat, and cook for another hour.

Afterwards, lower the heat to a small level, and cover the pot for half an hour.


In the process of making porridge, if you find that the porridge is too sticky, you must add an appropriate amount of water.


After it is cooked, add it to the bowl while it is still hot, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and it is super nutritious and refreshing.

[Can you drink beer in heat stroke]_Draft beer_Can you drink

[Can you drink beer in heat stroke]_Draft beer_Can you drink

In summer, many outdoor workers are very hard, and they need to work under the heat.

The temperature in summer is very high. If you are not careful, you may have a heat stroke. You must not drink beer during a heat stroke. Because beer contains alcohol, it may easily cause syncope.

You can’t drink beer during heat stroke.

It is generally not recommended to drink beer during heat stroke, because beer contains alcohol, which can aggravate symptoms such as syncope and nausea caused by heat stroke.

At the same time reminded to avoid greasy, fried hot food and avoid sticky, hard and difficult to digest food.

Many people like to drink cold beer in summer, which causes the upstream temperature to drop, the capillaries to contract, and the digestive function to decline.

Studies have confirmed that excessive intake of beer not only does not have the effect of preventing hypertension and hypertension, but also promotes the occurrence and development of arterial atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and parahepatic diseases.

Excessive intake of beer can damage gastric mucosa, cause gastritis and peptic ulcers, and cause symptoms such as epigastric discomfort, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, belching and acid reflux.

The content of beer generally does not exceed 1 per day.

2 liters.

Excessive drinking of beer will destroy cell function and lead to alcoholism.

People with complications such as gastritis, liver disease, gout, diabetes, hypertension, urinary stones and ulcers, as well as obese people, pregnant women, etc. should not drink alcohol.

In addition, regular and large ingestion of beer can cause obesity (beer belly), reduce insulin mucosa and liver damage, cause a lot of effects, and even cause cancer.

[How to make buns soft]_ buns _ how to do _ practice Daquan

[How to make buns soft]_ buns _ how to do _ practice Daquan

Many people eat buns very softly outside, but they ca n’t make the buns themselves. In response to this situation, many people want to know how to make buns soft and soft.

There are tricks to making the buns soft, and these tricks are reflected in the details, such as the temperature of the fermentation water.


Adding white sugar to baking powder When melting baking powder, add 1-2 spoons of white sugar to make the dough ferment better.


Warm water fermentation Warm water mix the baking powder with flour, add it evenly to the flour, and then add it to the noodles and stir while mixing, it is softer than usual, then wait until the noodles are twice as large as the holesThat’s almost it.

When melting baking powder, it is best to use warm water that does not exceed 40 ° C. If the water temperature is too high, the baking powder will lose its activity, which will affect the dough fermentation.


When the dough is not too dry, if you feel the dough is sticky, you can add an appropriate amount of corn oil.

At the same time, avoid the dough being too dry, otherwise the steamed buns will taste hard.


After the buns wake up for half an hour, steam them again. After the buns are wrapped, put them in a closed place and continue to wake up for about 30 minutes before putting them in the steamer.

Because when the dough is rolled out, part of the air in the dough is released, the wrapped buns can continue to wake up and make the buns fuller.


Cooking time The steaming time of the buns depends on the fillings.

Steamed stuffed buns are usually steamed for about 15 minutes, and meat stuffed steamed for about 20 minutes.


After steaming, do not immediately cover the boiled water and put the steamed buns in a steamer over high heat, but be careful not to lift the lids immediately after steaming the steamed buns, otherwise the steamed buns will shrink easily, and the steamed buns should be slightly cooled before they are lifted.

[Dangers of premarital sex]_Before marriage _ Harm

[Dangers of premarital sex]_Before marriage _ Harm

Since the 21st century, science and technology in developing countries have developed rapidly, and the Internet era is driving people forward.

The disadvantage of this is that many young people have premature sexual behavior because family, school, and society do not repeat the significance of sexual behavior. Many high school students and even junior high school students have sexual behaviors, premature sex.Behaviour is harmful.

The consequences of this behavior were first introduced, let’s take a look.

What are the dangers of women’s premature sex?

1. Premature sexual life can cause genital tube damage and infection.

Due to the immature development of the reproductive ducts of adolescent girls, the vulva and vagina are very delicate, the short surface tissue of the vagina is weak, and severe bleeding of the hymen and vaginal laceration may occur during sexual intercourse, and major bleeding will occur at the same time.Pathogenic microorganisms or dirt are brought into the vagina, and since then women have poor self-defense functions, which can easily cause infections of the urethra, vulva and vagina.

If not controlled, the infection will spread.

2. Premature sex can have adverse consequences due to pregnancy.

Since women start to ovulate after menstrual cramps, if effective contraceptive measures are not taken during sexual intercourse, pregnancy is very likely to occur. Once pregnant, abortion must be performed, and abortion is often harmful to women’s health, which can cause some kind ofSerious, such as infection, bleeding, uterine perforation, habitual abortion and infertility after marriage, etc., and because of the pressure of public opinion and self-blame around, guilt, causing severe psychological trauma to women, and even affect the normal sexual life after marriage.

3. Premature sex can seriously affect mental health.

Because girls’ sexual behavior is often performed secretly under very stressful conditions and lacks the necessary preparations (mainly referring to the study of sexual knowledge and mental preparation).

At the same time, during the sexual life and afterwards, because of fear of pregnancy, fear of exposure, fear, guilt, and remorse will cause psychological abnormalities such as: aversion to men, aversion to sex, loss of sexual desire, sexual sensitivityDecrease and sexual apathy.

4. Premature sex can affect learning and work.

Girls’ adolescence is in the golden age of studying, working and accumulating knowledge to lay the foundation for a glorious future. If there is sex, it will inevitably affect the interests of study and work, which is not good for myself, family and society. Therefore, adolescence should beAvoid sexual life. Adolescent women should cherish their youth and body very much. They should devote their attention and interest to study and work. This is of great significance to their healthy growth, career success, and happiness in life.

Do some preparations for your first life?

1. Replace underwear.

After bathing or scrubbing, change to clean underwear.

2. Brush your teeth and gargle.

It ‘s very important to brush your teeth and gargle before intercourse. The husband and wife share the same bed with their heads resting on their heads. When whispering, face to face, affectionate, and mouth to mouth when kissing.Reduce sexual desire.

Therefore, take a shower on your wedding night and wash your face after washing your face.

3. Place toilet paper or a clean towel under the hips and vaginal openings of women.

During the first sexual intercourse, the broken hymen will cause blood. During sexual intercourse, when the penis is twitched, the semen and secretions in the vagina may also be taken out. In order to not cover the sheets and peel off, you should use toilet paper or clean towels, cloths, etc. before intercourse.A thick little pad under the woman’s hip and vaginal opening.

Intercourse was suspended, and the mat was folded and removed.

4. Prepare toilet paper and clean towels.

After intercourse, it is used to wipe each other’s genitals. Cleaning after intercourse is more important.

If both sexes do not feel tired after intercourse, it is best to wash the genitals immediately with warm water.

The vagina has the function of self-cleaning and self-cleaning. Therefore, after intercourse, do not wash the vagina with water, and do not wipe the vagina with toilet paper or towels, so as not to damage the vaginal endometrium and destroy its defense function.

5. Take a bath.

You should take a shower before intercourse, wash your body’s sweat, and eliminate the smell of sweat, so as not to make the other person feel disgusted and disgusted when you are in bed.

When taking a hot bath, pay special attention to cleaning the external reproductive organs to remove dirt from the penis, especially the dirt on the glans of the glans, the foreskin that is too long, and the dirt from the labia folds, etc., to avoid sexual intercourse., Bring these dirt into the vagina.

Bathing in warm water can also accelerate blood circulation and produce benign stimuli to the reproductive organs, which is good for sexual life.

If there is no condition to take a warm bath, a pot of warm water should also be used to clean the external reproductive organs.

When possible, both men and women can spray a little perfume on the body such as the chest, forehead, under the arm, etc. The perfume smell gives people a pleasant feeling and can also stimulate sexual desire.

However, when spraying perfume, do not spray it on the genitals to avoid causing inflammation of the reproductive organs.

Changan Automobile (000625): The outstanding performance of CS75PLUS continues to sell well

Changan Automobile (000625): The outstanding performance of CS75PLUS continues to sell well
Event: The company released October sales data, and the company’s overall sales in October was 16.40,000 vehicles, basically unchanged for one year.Among them, Changan Ford sold 18,370 units, Changan Mazda sold 12,653 units, and Hefei Changan sold 24,710 units, an increase of 269%. Many points of independent brands blossom, and CS75plus continues to sell well.According to the data of the Federation of Passenger Unions, the retail and wholesale sales of passenger cars in October were separated by 3% and 6%, respectively.The company’s joint venture brand sales remained stable, with Changan Ford’s chain ratio reaching 12%, and Changan Mazda’s chain ratio was basically flat.In terms of independent brands, Changan’s independent brand sales in October were 12.40,000 vehicles, an increase of 7% in ten years.In terms of different models, the sales volume of CS75 was 25189 units, a year-on-year increase of 68% and a month-on-year increase of 26%. Among them, the monthly sales volume of the popular model CS75plus was 17,428 units, which continued to sell well.The sales volume of CS35 was 13,338 units, a year-on-year increase of 63% and a month-on-year increase of 26%. Among them, the new CS35plus sold 13,153 units per month, with sales exceeding 10,000 for two consecutive months.The pre-sale order for the Auchan X7, a new model of the Auchan brand, reached 1,1978.In our view, Changan Automobile ‘s main new cars are improving across the board in October, trying to drive continued growth in sales of independent brands. The new 南宁桑拿 car cycle continues, with equal emphasis on open source and cost reduction.Bilaterally, the listing of the new Mavericks in the fourth quarter and the localization of Lincoln models will further strengthen the Changan Ford product cycle. It is expected that by 2020, more Ford and Lincoln models will be localized.In terms of independence, CS75plus and CS35plus continued to sell well. Auchan X7 went on sale in November, and a number of heavy models were also sold at the same time to promote the company’s own brand sales and performance rebound.Of course, the company will sell its 50% stake in Changan PSA and terminate its cooperation with PSA.Due to the continued sluggish domestic sales of the DS brand, Changan PSA has been in a long-term disruption. The company’s sale of all distribution of Changan PSA will reduce the company’s 深圳丝袜会所 performance improvement points. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.In 2019, Ford and Ford ushered in a strong cycle of new products, increased sales and improved profitability.It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.07/0.67/1.26 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating risk warning: the travel company’s advancement is less than expected, Changan Ford’s new model launch is less than expected, the electrification and intelligent advancement is less than expected, and compensation is in place or less than expected.

China Merchants-gradually increasing other assets by 577.5 billion

China Merchants: There is a high possibility that long-term other assets will increase by 587.5 billion in equity

[Investment strategy]Promote the mystery of “other assets”-View policy Tianxia seventh chapter Zhang Xia Tu Jingqing WeChat account: China Merchants Strategy Research began to enter the era of active currency issuance in 2014, and its investment direction has a key impact on asset prices.

History shows that after the increase of other assets in the long term, A shares tend to rebound significantly; and the increase in other assets coincides with the support cycle of the capital market once every five years and the introduction of new markets.

In December 2018, a series of other assets increased to a record high. If it did not decline significantly or even continue to increase in January 2019, it can be inferred that it has a certain relationship with the capital market policy-friendly period and the launch of the science and technology board.Founding stocks can be more optimistic.

  The core point?

In the past 20 years, the method of gradually putting in base currency can be divided into two eras, the era of passive currency placement before 2014 and the era of active currency placement in 2014 and beyond.

The compulsory foreign exchange settlement and sales system implemented before 2011 transitioned to buying foreign exchange, increasing bank deposits, that is, passively issuing base currencies while increasing foreign exchange assets.

Until the end of 2013, foreign exchange assets were the main source of the expansion of the total assets of the transition.

Beginning in 2014, foreign exchange reserves gradually declined. PSL, MLF, etc. have come out one after another. Together with refinancing, reverse repurchase, SLF, etc., they have become the main means of depositing base currencies.


In the era of passive currency issuance, the increase in base currency is directly related to investment and foreign trade. At this stage, macro leverage is effectively controlled.

However, the active issue of currency does not completely correspond one-to-one with trade and investment. If it increases rapidly in the short term, asset price inflation may occur.

For example, 2014?

The increase in currency issuance in 2015 and the injection of stock and bond markets through financial innovation brought both stocks and bonds; in 2016, the currency was gradually issued through PSL, replacing the shed reform and monetization to replace the real estate market, triggering a new round of house price increases.

In December 2018, the long-term balance sheet expanded again. In addition to the increase in “credit claims on other deposit-taking companies” brought about by monetary policy instruments, the increase in “other assets” generated the highest monthly income since 2002.

Average total assets increased by 1 in December.

34 trillion, and other assets increased by 587.5 billion.


The composition of other assets has been initially re-disclosed, but it must not be a debt category, an external reserve category, or a possible divergence in the equity category.

Historically, there have been coincidences in the obvious changes in other assets:

First, coincided with the timing of changes in the registered capital of some companies: the Bank of China and China Construction Bank extended their capital injections in 2003; the Ministry of Finance purchased a change in Central Huijin’s equity in 2007, while other assets fell;After the registered capital of Gold expanded, other assets increased; in December 2018, the newly established “Zhonghui Reserve” investment company under the investment platform of SAFE.


Second, the increase in other assets is often accompanied by the continuous adjustment of A shares. After the increase in other assets, the market often rebounds to varying degrees: from February 2005 to the end of 2005, October 2012, and June to July 2015, the market fell significantly behind.Other assets increased to varying degrees.


Third, coincidence with the five-year policy support cycle of the capital market and the launch of new markets: starting in 1999, the country will issue a more important document supporting the capital market once every five years, and will also launch a new market.

Before and after the issuance of the document, the merger of other assets will expand to varying degrees before the new market is launched.


The initial initiative to issue currency has a significant impact on asset prices, and the direction of investment is likely to be the direction of asset appreciation.

If we see that other assets have not dropped significantly or even continued to increase in January, we can speculate that this has an important connection with the five-year capital market policy-friendly period and the launch of the science and technology board, the stock market can be more optimistic, And the stocks of science and technology are more optimistic.


Risk warning: the expansion of the science and technology board exceeds expectations; the China-US trade pricing results exceed expectations.

  01Long-term balance sheet Like all companies, the transition has its own balance sheet.

At present, the total long-term assets (liabilities) have reached 37.

3 trillion yuan.

What does the inflationary balance sheet have to do with what we usually call the money supply?

  The preliminary debt account reserve currency accounted for 88% of total debt.

8%. This reserve currency is what we usually call the base currency. Multiplying the base currency by the currency multiplier is equivalent to our general currency M2.

The currency multiplier is approximately equal to the reciprocal of the “statutory deposit reserve ratio + excess reserve ratio”.
  Therefore, in theory, by controlling the statutory deposit reserve ratio and reserve currency, the broad money reserve of the whole society can be controlled indirectly.
Of course, the actual broad money supply is also related to factors such as over-reserve rates and cash leakage.

  In the past 20 years, the launch of base currency can be divided into two eras, which we call the “passive currency era” and the “active currency era.”


In the era of passive currency issuance before 2011, a mandatory foreign exchange settlement and sales system must be implemented. Enterprises and individuals must sell excess foreign exchange to designated foreign exchange banks. The designated foreign exchange banks must place foreign exchange higher than the position of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in the interbank market.Sell.

Eventually, it will be bought by the central bank, which will gradually increase the deposits with banks while gradually buying foreign exchange.

Therefore, we can see that the total assets of the monetary authorities have basically increased simultaneously with foreign assets or foreign exchange reserves.

The increase in total assets is almost contributed by foreign exchange reserves.

Absorb foreign exchange initially and passively invest in base currency.

  The compulsory foreign exchange settlement and sale system withdrew from the historical stage after 2012, and foreign exchange accounts were still the largest source of total assets in 2013. However, from 2014 onwards, foreign exchange reserves were gradually expanded.

At this time, foreign exchange funds are no longer the source of the base currency, and the era of passive currency is over.

  In the era of passive issuance, the increase in foreign exchange 杭州夜网论坛 is directly related to exports and overseas investment, so the increase in the base currency is directly linked to investment and foreign trade.

In this era, the macro-leverage ratio is effectively controlled, and M2 / GDP is 1.


Between 8.

  ?The era of active currency issuance Since 2014, foreign exchange accounts have gradually declined, and it is difficult to sustain the foreign currency accounts in the base currency.

In 2014, supplementary pledged loans (PSL) and medium-term loan facilities (MLF) came out one after another.

In addition, there are tools such as refinancing, rediscounting and reverse repo.

The essence of these policy tools is to take the initiative to lend money directly to financial institutions to invest in the base currency.

Therefore, in the balance sheet, the “credit claims against other depository companies” on the asset side and the “reserve currency” on the liability side increase simultaneously.

The MLF, PSL, SLF and open market operations of the base currency are basically in line with changes in claims on other depository companies.

  Changes in the way base currency is issued are proactively issued from a passive issuance range, and currency issuance does not correspond exactly to trade and investment.

If it increases rapidly in the short term, the likely result is an inflation of asset prices.

  In 2014, two rounds of claims on other depository companies increased significantly.

The first round is from September 2014 to May 2015.

At this stage, stocks and bonds all increased significantly.

The Shanghai Composite Index increased from 2200 points in September 2014 to a maximum of 5,000 points, more than doubled, and bond yields also declined.

  From 2014 to the first half of 2015, the real estate cycle entered a downward cycle. Infrastructure investment was also average. Manufacturing investment was also in a state of reorganization. The real economy was not well financed. The issue of basic currency was gradually promoted. Under the guidance of financial innovation,This approach entered the stock and bond markets, and ultimately brought “de-entry into the false” and pushed up the price of financial assets.

A stock has a bull market with a purely up-and-down estimate under the fundamental downturn.

  Beginning in 2016, a gradual new round of prominent expansion started. In January 2016, PSL increased by one.

9 trillion yuan, the monetization of shed reform accelerated. This round of base currency is represented by the shed reform monetization, which is directed to real estate to achieve the purpose of destocking.

As a result, a new round of house price growth started in 2016, the recovery of real estate starts, overlapping supply side reforms, and commodity prices have increased significantly.

  Here is a very famous quote. Friedman once said that inflation is a currency phenomenon everywhere.

In China, it can be understood that when there is a significant increase in currency, the direction to be guided is the direction in which asset prices rise and rise.

  In December 2018, the long-term balance sheet expanded significantly again.

In the long-term balance sheet announced on January 16, we observed that the size of the total assets exceeded the significant expansion.

Total asset size increased by 1.

34 trillion, an increase of 3 from the previous month.
7%, the annual growth rate rebounded from negative growth to 2.

MoM growth of 3.

7% is a new high since January 2016.

  As before, in December 2018, US $ 740 billion of liquidity was invested through MFL, PSL, and open market operations. As a result, the claims on other deposit-taking companies have gradually increased by US $ 740 billion.

But this time, an opposition anomaly appeared, that is, our protagonist appeared.

  The expansion of the expanded balance sheet in December 2018 was closely linked to the expansion of the “Other Assets” account in the balance sheet.

Other assets increased by 587.5 billion in December 2018, the highest value since 2002.

  The initial surplus of other assets reached 2.

3 trillion, accounting for 6% of total long-term assets.

We have seen that the increase in “other assets” in the single month at the beginning of the year and the increase in “debt to other depository companies” have reached very close orders of magnitude.

It is no longer possible to proceed with this variable.

  02 The mystery of merging “other assets” recombined the composition of excess other assets. Because of the relatively low proportion of the balance sheet before reorganization, few researchers have studied this project.

But other assets must not be creditor’s rights, external storage, and the possibility of property rights to penetrate.

  One change that can be reasonably estimated using public information is a significant increase in other assets in 2003 and a significant decrease in 2007.

In December 2003, the Central Bank invested US $ 45 billion in foreign exchange reserves to inject Bank of China and China Construction Bank. The balance sheet of the monetary authority was reflected in the decrease in “foreign exchange assets” and the increase in “other assets” under the asset project.

  In September 2007, the Ministry of Finance issued special treasury bonds, purchased all the equity of Central Huijin from the People’s Bank of China, and injected them into CIC as part of its investment in China Investment Corporation.

The transaction was completed in December 2007. During the month, the “other assets” item of the balance sheet assets of the People ‘s Bank of China plummeted from 11979 figures in November to USD 709.8 billion in December, a decrease of USD 488.1 billion.The current exchange rate is about 67 billion U.S. dollars.

From a coaxial perspective, this operation has increased foreign exchange by nearly 23 billion.

Complete a perfect low suction high throw.

  It is difficult to find a reasonable explanation for other asset changes since then.

However, through various information comparisons, we found that from 2012 to 2017, the increase in other assets coincided with the expansion of the registered capital of China Securities Finance Corporation.

Around December 2018, the registered capital of CSI Gold did not increase.

However, in December 2018, the Indus tree investment platform affiliated to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange established a new investment company called “Zhonghui Reserve” with a registered capital of 5 billion.

The company has no public investment scope.

  The events in the icon below may have coincidences in time. Other asset expansions and the government’s support cycle for the capital market may also coincide.

Beginning in 1999, the country will issue a more important document in support of the capital market every five years, and will launch a new market.
Before and after the issuance of the document, before the new market is launched, the merger of other assets will expand to varying degrees.

It’s a bit like escorting new markets.

Of course, we do not have any evidence to prove that there is an inevitable connection between these things, we can only objectively describe the chronological order of these things.

  In December 2003, long-term other assets increased significantly. On January 30, 2004, the State Council issued several opinions on promoting the reform, opening up and stable development of the capital market. In May 2004, the small and medium-sized board was launched.

  In May 2009, long-term other assets increased slightly by 80 billion yuan. In October 2009, the GEM was officially launched.

  From December 2013 to May 2014, the consolidated assets increased significantly again. In May 2014, “Several Opinions of the State Council on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of the Capital Market” was released. In October 2014, the Shanghai Stock Connect was launched.

  In December 2018, long-term other assets increased significantly again. In 2019, the science and technology board promoted the launch.

  In addition to the above coincidences, the growth of other assets has increased and is obviously characterized by the trend against the market. Changing the increase in other assets is often accompanied by the continuous adjustment of A shares.

For example, from February 2005 to the end of 2005, October 2012, and June-July 2015, the market fell significantly behind, causing other assets to increase in varying degrees.

After other assets increase, the market often rebounds to varying degrees.

  In December 2018, the long-term “other assets” increased significantly. Since January, the rebound rate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has exceeded 10%.

We wrote reports in January and February to remind us of this, referring to “The Potential Impact of Unexpected Behavior” Changes “on A Shares” and “Bath Spring, Focus on Science and Technology.”

  Inflation is often a currency phenomenon. We can speculate that after the era of passive currency issuance, the gradual and active issue of currency has a key impact on asset prices, and the direction of progressively promoting currency is likely to be the direction of asset appreciation.
In general, the growth of other assets in the asset class of previous assets has become an important component of the increase in asset assets.

  History shows that the increase in a series of other assets coincides with the A-shares in time. After the increase in a series of other assets, the A-shares tend to rebound significantly.
There is also a coincidence in time between the increase in other assets, the support cycle of the capital market once every five years, and the launch of new markets.

If we see that other assets have not dropped significantly or even continued to increase in January, we can think that this has an important connection with the capital market policy friendly period and the launch of the science and technology board once every five years., And the stocks of science and technology are more optimistic.
  - End –

If you’re pregnant, hurry up and clean your wardrobe.

If you’re pregnant, hurry up and clean your wardrobe.

Pregnant, what is the first thing to do?

The reporter found in a random interview that most people chose to buy supplements.

However, teacher Li Qian of Tianjin Institute of Clothing Technology reminded that expectant mothers could not ignore the dress. Women who are just pregnant may wish to clean up their closets first.

  Teacher Li said that the most important thing for pregnant women to dress is comfort and safety.

When cleaning the closet, the clothing that goes to the chemical fiber fabrics is first cleared out, especially the underwear.

Because during pregnancy, women’s skin becomes sensitive and sweaty.

Frequent contact with artificial fiber fabrics can easily cause skin allergies, which may affect the baby’s health in the abdomen.

  Brightly colored clothes are the second category that should be temporarily closed.

In order to reduce the degree of discoloration of clothes, many clothes will use azo as a color fixing agent, and azo may enter the blood circulation through skin contact, causing harmful effects.

  What should be left behind are clothing made of pure cotton fabric and silk flakes.

Clothing made of this material is highly breathable, hygroscopic and heat-insulating, making it suitable for pregnant women.

Now the weather is gradually getting warmer. Pure cotton fabrics will feel cool and comfortable if they are worn as close-fitting underwear or outerwear. In the hot summer, the sweat-absorbing function can always keep the body dry; silk clothes have better thermal insulationAnd light and soft, it is also a good choice for pregnant women.

  When buying new clothes, choosing natural fabrics is a basic principle.

In summer, choose cotton and linen; in spring and autumn, we mainly use plain weave, wool, blended fabrics and knitwear; in winter, we use all kinds of woolen cloth or clothing with fluffy padding.

  Obviously, expectant mothers should not wear new clothes directly, because various dyes and other chemical agents will be used during the processing of the clothes. Direct wearing may cause skin allergies, and in severe cases, even lead to skin healing, which will definitely bring pregnant womentrouble.

Therefore, new clothes should be washed once or twice before being worn.

Is there a physical limit to practicing yoga?

Is there a physical limit to practicing yoga?

In today’s city, yoga is quite common in fitness clubs. Even so, too many people feel that it is a mysterious and difficult sport, stay away.

  The promotion of yoga to today has derived a set of simple and practical actions that can effectively help modern people strengthen their physical fitness, reduce work stress, and obtain a peaceful mood.

The following questions are the questions that many friends will have when they first come into contact with yoga. I hope to make everyone more aware of yoga: Question one: I am probably too fat to practice yoga

  Rest assured, yoga is for everyone.

In order not to be embarrassing, there is even a yoga fitness program set up for the transitional.

There is a 242-pound yoga instructor in the United States. She used to be a triathlete, and later switched to teaching yoga. She said, “You don’t have to wait until you become slim and you can start to learn yoga. Then the monkeys will have a chance with yoga?

If you want to learn, you can sign up for action at any time.

“Question 2: My flexibility is not good enough, isn’t it suitable for yoga?

  Don’t worry, it’s all right.

The yoga masters you have seen with your feet around your neck may have been practicing for ten or twenty years. You do not need to be inferior. There is no competition in yoga. Getting self-improvement is the most important gain.

When you do yoga, take your time, do n’t worry, do n’t have to rush into success, and you can improve according to your actual situation-yoga is tolerant and enjoyable.

  Too many yoga coaches often mention the term “Yoga for 50 years”, that is, if you can’t touch the ground in the “downward dog style” this year, it doesn’t matter. One day in the next 49 years, the heel can toucharrived.

In addition, many yoga instructors teach that the sense of purpose does not have to be too strong.

  Question 3: Can I lose weight through yoga?

  Yes, there are too many yoga exercises for weight loss, and different types of yoga have different effects. For example, to burn calories, you should do ashtanga instead of yin.

  But burning calories is not the focus of yoga classes. To really lose weight, you must add aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc. To really strengthen your muscles, you need to add strength lifting exercises, so that the combination can be shortened if it works.

  Question 4: I am religious. Can I practice yoga?

  Yes, although the yoga music is sometimes religious, the ganesha ganesha is sometimes shown in yoga teaching videos, which is easy to be resisted by other religions.

But yoga focuses on spiritual enjoyment and physical exercise. It has nothing to do with religion. People who believe in other religions will not be forced to accept uncomfortable religious actions.

  Question 5: What kind of clothing do I need?

  It can be loose and comfortable, and there is no fixed wearing requirement.

To know if your clothes are suitable or not, you can try to do a dog-style action to see if it is too tight or go out.

Bare feet, remove all accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc.