Winter diet, health, acid, diet, lipid-lowering


Winter diet, health, acid, diet, lipid-lowering

Winter is a good season for health care, and many people are concerned about diet and health.

For the elderly, after the age, the digestion and absorption function is weakened, the appetite will become bad, and the moderate amount of sour food in the winter will help the elderly to appetite and increase appetite.

At the same time, eating some acid in the cold winter, can also lower the fat and protect the heart, protect the blood vessels, as well as moisturizing, moisturizing effect, delay the aging of the elderly.

銆€銆€The most common sour food is hawthorn, for example, the hawthorn is sweet, the mild warm acid, the spleen, the stomach, the liver.

It contains the functions of digestion and stomach, qi and dispersal, dilatation of coronary artery, relaxation of blood vessels, and lipid-lowering.

Older friends can use 1-2 teas of fresh and tender hawthorn fruit every day.

You can also make hawthorn sauce, wash the hawthorn, cut it, remove the seeds, cook it with rock sugar, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator to serve as an appetizer after dinner.

Or eat more sour fruits, some oranges, grapefruit, etc.

銆€銆€In addition to the hawthorn, fruit vinegar is also a good choice.

For example, apple cider vinegar drink contains a lot of potassium ions, which can overcome the excess sodium salt in the body, thereby reducing the content of sodium salt; the acidic component of apple vinegar and loose, soften blood vessels, help to discharge toxins in the blood.

銆€銆€The elderly can also drink some sour soup, some tomato egg soup.

Tomatoes have the effect of thirst, stomach and digestion, and are very suitable for the elderly with poor digestive function.

銆€銆€It should be noted that two types of elderly people should not eat too much acid. First, anemia and spleen and stomach weakness, elderly people with complications of stomach disease, eating sour food may lead to stomach obstruction, indigestion and other digestive diseases; second, elderly people with bad teeth,Sour foods eat more, may have a feeling of tooth decay, and even the situation of excessive liver gas.

Is your sleep really lost?


Is your sleep really lost?

Sleep is the most important way to recover from fatigue, but many people are not satisfied with their sleep.

銆€銆€鈻?Sleep is a physiological activity of sleep. A person’s sleep every night is composed of several cycles of sleep cycles. Each sleep cycle is about 70?
90 minutes.

According to changes in sleep brain waves, myoelectric waves and eye movements, the sleep cycle consists of non-rapid eye movement sleep (divided into S1, S2, S3 and S4) and rapid eye movement sleep.

After study, S1 and S2 sleep, which accounted for 55% of the total sleep time, have no important effect on restoring fatigue.

銆€銆€鈻?Most people will experience insomnia in their lifetime. Most people have insomnia, because there are many reasons for short-term insomnia, such as noisy environment, mental stimulation, disordered sleep rhythm (night shift, time difference change), sleep space changes, etc.

Chronic insomnia is mostly caused by organic lesions or non-irritating factors.

Organic lesions include nocturnal seizures, sleep apnea syndrome, nighttime bronchial episodes, congestive heart failure, and so on. Non-irritating factors are mainly mental factors such as worry and depression.

銆€銆€鈻?Two Misunderstandings in Sleep Understanding Many people’s insomnia is related to misunderstandings in understanding. Some of them are caused by insomnia caused by misunderstandings, and there are various manifestations of nervousness; some suffer from insomnia caused by misunderstanding.
銆€銆€Misunderstanding 1: Less sleep time is insomnia.

Some people only care about sleep time and ignore the quality of sleep. They are worried and uneasy because of lack of sleep time.

In fact, if sleep is saved in S1 and S2 sleep that is useless for restoring fatigue and taking less time, then sleeping for 4 hours a night is enough.

It is not difficult to find in life. Some people have less sleep time, but they have more energy. Some people (such as Alzheimer’s disease) are almost sleepy all day, but they are weak and exhausted.

The latter people are mainly national S3 and S4 sleep.

銆€銆€Myth 2: Linking dreams to poor sleep.

In fact, in rapid eye movement sleep, everyone has mental activity, and when they wake up, they can recall, that is, dreams.

A dreamer shows that the brain has a good memory function, which is a healthy performance.

In a sense, a multi-dreamer is likely to become a long-lived person.

銆€銆€鈻?How to treat insomnia For short-term insomnia, as long as the cause of insomnia can be eliminated, or self-regulation, normal sleep can be restored after adaptation.

For chronic insomnia caused by organic diseases, it is mainly to treat the corresponding organic diseases; for chronic insomnia caused by mental factors, anti-anxiety, anti-depression treatment, and psychological counseling can be performed.

銆€銆€鈻?Do not refuse sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are originally intended to relieve pain for insomnia patients.

Like other drugs, it also has intermediates, but as long as it is taken correctly, the negative effects of sleeping pills can be completely overcome.

In order to avoid the addiction of long-term application of hypnotic drugs, the therapeutic effect is reduced and the toxic side effects of the drug, it is best to 2?
The three kinds of sleeping pills are taken alternately, and even after taking a few days to stop for a day, the number of consecutive days can be gradually reduced after the effective day. Finally, the method of stopping for one day or even taking one day for two days is used until the last stop of sleeping pills.

For long-term medication patients, do not effectively stop the sleeping pills after they are effective, because this often causes repeated symptoms.

Chen Yinruo, Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, Nanjing Brain Hospital

Are you a high-risk group of dementia?


Are you a high-risk group of dementia?

As human life expectancy increases and the population ages, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease increases.

The study found that people with high risk of Alzheimer’s disease have the following types, and should pay attention to strengthen prevention.

銆€銆€Obesity A study by the University of Utah in the United States revealed for the first time the relationship between excessive and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study tracked the physical condition of hundreds of Swedish women over the course of 18 years and found that if women were fatter at the age of 70, they would be much more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in their 80s than normal.

Hypertension is often associated with high blood pressure, high blood lipids or diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. These diseases are high risk factors for vascular dementia.

銆€銆€The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly patients increases with age.

Previously, senile dementia was more common in older people over the age of 75, and vascular dementia was more common in older people under the age of 75.

Statistics show that in people over 60 years old, the incidence of dementia accounts for 5%, and the incidence of dementia in elderly people over 80 years old can reach 20%.

銆€銆€Single-person widowed, living alone, emotional depression is a high-risk group of Alzheimer’s disease.

These old people have little communication with the outside world, and they are lonely and lonely for a long time, which is easy to cause dementia.

銆€銆€Alcoholic alcohol has a toxic effect on brain tissue.

Alcohol is easily deposited in combination with lecithin, which is the most abundant in the brain.

Alcoholics are prone to malnutrition, resulting in a lack of protein and vitamin B supply to brain tissue.

Long-term drinking can damage the central nervous system, causing brain tissue to shrink, memory and intelligence are severely impaired, and eventually become dementia.

銆€銆€A variety of brain diseases in people with encephalopathy are high risk factors for dementia, such as Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, encephalitis, etc.; patients with carbon monoxide poisoning are also prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Vascular dementia is mainly associated with dilated cerebrovascular disease and multiple cerebral infarction.

銆€銆€Brain trauma studies have found that Alzheimer’s disease is closely related to past head injuries.

Severe damage to nerve cells in craniocerebral trauma leads to decreased memory and mental impairment. In severe cases, it may cause dementia.

Some boxers are repeatedly hit by the head, and dementia will appear for a long time. The champion Ali is a victim.

銆€銆€The low cultural data shows that the degree of education has a certain impact on mental decline.

The incidence of senile dementia is relatively high among illiterate people with the lowest level of education, military physical labor, and poor socioeconomic status.

Mental workers and intellectuals have a slower mental decline, and the incidence of Alzheimer’s is relatively lower.

銆€銆€Clinical data of menopausal women show that the prevalence of female Alzheimer’s disease is higher than that of men, and the ratio of male to female is 7:26.

Researchers at the University of Chicago in the brain of women with Alzheimer’s disease found that elevated estrogen levels in the brain may accelerate the formation of Alzheimer’s disease features – cerebral amyloid deposits.

銆€銆€Aluminum is more toxic to nerve cells.

Some people have determined that the aluminum content in the brain tissue of dementia is significantly higher than that of healthy people by atomic absorption spectrometry.

銆€銆€Family history patients with Alzheimer’s disease have family aggregation.

According to statistics, the number of close relatives of senile dementia patients is more than four times that of the general population.

The study found that Alzheimer’s disease is autosomal dominant and polygenic, and at least four gene mutations have been found to be associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

銆€銆€Immunocompromised studies suggest that certain viral infections can cause degenerative changes in the central nervous system and can lead to senile dementia.

Changes in immune function are also related to changes in cognitive function.

銆€銆€Bad hobbyists who have bad habits such as smoking, lack of exercise, and improper diet often cause high blood pressure, high blood fat or diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc., and cause dementia.

The survey showed that the previous elderly dementia in the elderly over 60 years old was reset.

96%, of which vascular dementia is the majority.

These patients have a spicy and awkward eating habits, and more than half of the patients have a history of smoking, and the smoking age is more than 10 years.

Long-term diet is almost full of people’s thinking, and people often feel sleepy, accelerate cerebral arteriosclerosis, and easily cause Alzheimer’s disease.

銆€銆€Scientists with depression surveyed 2000 cases of Alzheimer’s disease and found that 14% of Alzheimer’s patients had a history of depression for 25 years.

The study found that if the condition of depression is more serious, it is easier to accelerate the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

10 big growth and life food


10 big growth and life food

The World Health Organization stipulates that 15% of an individual’s health and longevity is determined by heredity, 10% is determined by social factors, 8% is determined by medical conditions, 7% is determined by climate impact, and 60% is determined by herself.

Love life, you want to know how to live and live long, live to ninety-nine?

Longevity is not difficult. As long as you have certain health knowledge and healthy lifestyle, sticking to it will help your body.

The old TCM Health Network will reveal 10 longevity foods for you and help you live forever.


Rice is the best tonic for the elderly. The oldest person likes millet and regards millet as the best nourishing product. Xiaomi is the granular food after the peeling of millet. It has always been known as 鈥済rain grains, millet-led鈥?

Frail and sick elderly people often use millet to nourish the body.

The old Chinese medicine health net believes that Xiaomi Yi five dirty, thick stomach, filling liquid, strong bones, long muscles.

In the Qing Dynasty, a famous doctor said: “Millet is the most supportive.

The rice oil in the glutinous rice porridge is better than the ginseng soup.

“It can be seen that longevity old people like Xiaomi is very reasonable.”

The four secrets of longevity have been introduced. People are very easy. These 鈥渇ood and drink鈥?are very common, but few people believe that eating these common foods will lead to longevity, and it is difficult for people with flavors.adhere to.

However, if you can only get it by believing, you are looking for a recipe for longevity. Try it.


Chinese cabbage people love Chinese cabbage, ordinary dishes, old people, favorite.

The cabbage is delicious and suitable for both. The Chinese painting master Qi Baishi has some pictures of Chinese cabbage. The cabbage is the 鈥渒ing of the dish鈥?and praises 鈥渢he dish is not as good as the cabbage鈥?

The old man often said: “The cabbage is eaten for half a year, and the doctor enjoys leisure.”

It can be seen that eating cabbage often helps to prolong the disease.

Chinese cabbage contains minerals, vitamins, protein, and crude fiber.

From the medicinal effect, Chinese cabbage can nourish the stomach, benefit the intestines, hangover, facilitate, reduce fat, clear heat, prevent cancer and other seven functions.


Long-lived old people like to drink porridge. From the eating habits of long-lived old people, they all like to drink porridge.

The famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife Zhang Guijun, both husband and wife are centenarians, and the two particularly like to drink porridge.

Every morning, add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 grams of boiling water and brew for 2 minutes to make porridge.

Every day, never stop.

Mr. Su, the first hundred-year-old man from Shanghai, drinks rice porridge for three meals a day, drinks porridge in the morning and evening, and drinks a slightly thick porridge at noon. Each meal is a shallow bowl, which has formed a habit.

They said: “Drinking porridge is good for the body.

“The ancient doctors and health homes are very respectful of the elderly drinking porridge.

“With the diet” said: “porridge is the world’s first nourishing character.

“The porridge is easy to digest, absorb, and can stomach, spleen, clear the lungs, run down.”

Cao Cisheng, a health care worker in the Qing Dynasty, said: “Old age, there are eclipses of the day, not counting, but also strong and healthy.

He has compiled more than one hundred kinds of porridge, which is popular for the elderly.


Eating an apple a day can seriously reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The quercetin contained in apples not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but also prevents the development of free radicals.

Apple’s intake of vitamins and minerals can improve human immunity and improve cardiovascular function.


People who care about heart health prove that eating more fish, making three fish dishes a week or eating 30 grams of fish a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 50%.
Medical research has shown that the proportion of Japanese and Eskimo who often eat fish and those who seldom eat fish is less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Garlic garlic is enough to prevent colds, but also reduce the risk of stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, and enhance digestion.

In addition, garlic can also purify blood vessels, prevent blood vessel embolism, and effectively prevent vascular diseases.


Tofu is a favorite food for the elderly. Old people generally love tofu.

They said: “The fish are burning, the meat is raw, and the cabbage is safe.”

“With the interest in the diet spectrum: “everywhere can be made, rich and poor, easy to ask, vegetarians in the majority of the teaching masters, but also into the hustle and bustle, the winter months are so beautiful.

The main ingredients of tofu are protein and isoflavones.

Tofu has the benefits of qi, tonic, lower blood lead concentration, protect the liver, promote the metabolism of the body, often eat tofu is conducive to healthy beauty and intellectual development.

Old people often eat tofu for the hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis and other diseases have a good therapeutic effect.


Strawberries can fully supplement vitamin C as long as they eat more strawberries. Strawberries can also supplement iron, which can improve the body’s immunity.

The dyeing substances and essential oils in strawberries can form special enzymes to prevent cancer.


Carrot and carrot beta-carotene not only protects the gene structure, prevents cancer, but also improves the skin and enhances vision.


Banana banana is the fruit with the highest carbohydrate content. It also contains a variety of trace elements, which can prevent sugar from entering the blood quickly. The magnesium content is rich, and eating a banana can satisfy the body’s 24 hours of magnesium.

How is human energy consumed?



How is human energy consumed?

How is human energy consumed?

Let’s look at some data – (1) to maintain basal metabolism: basal metabolism is the body is awake, in the 18-second -25 instantaneous environment, nerves, muscles completely quiet and fasting (stop eating 12 hours ago) must maintain the minimum heat energyThe amount needed.

It accounts for 60%-75% of total energy consumption, which is the main part of total energy consumption.

Men are generally taller than women, children and adolescents are taller than adults, and colder than warmer.

銆€銆€The normal human basal metabolism is as follows: normal basal metabolic rate conversion = energy / body orientation 脳 hour body displacement = 0.

00659 脳 height (cm) + 0.

0126 脳 weight (kg) – 0.

1603 Generally, a person’s normal basal metabolic rate is relatively constant. In a normal adult, the metabolic rate does not change from 5% to 10% of the normal value within 20 years. The basal metabolic rate of normal adults of the same age, the same weight, and the same sex.Most of the differences are within 110%.

銆€銆€(2) Engagement in labor consumption: The energy consumed by labor is related to labor intensity, labor duration and work proficiency.

Energy consumption for physical activity typically accounts for 30% of total energy.

Usually the labor intensity is divided into five categories: 1 very light physical labor: sitting in a sitting position, such as office work, meetings, reading, assembly, repairing clocks, etc.

銆€銆€2 Mild physical labor: basically the main work, such as store sales staff, teachers and so on.

銆€銆€3 Moderate manual labor: heavy machinery operation, tractor driving, car driving, general tractor labor.

銆€銆€4 Severe physical labor: non-mechanized agricultural labor, semi-mechanical handling work, steel making, sports activities, etc.

銆€銆€5 Extremely heavy manual labor: non-mechanical loading and unloading work, mining, logging, land reclamation, etc.

銆€銆€(3) The special dynamic effect of food: The extra increase in energy metabolism caused by the body’s absorption of food is called the special kinetic effect of food.

The extra energy consumed by the special power of food is about 150 kcal to 200 kcal, which is equivalent to 10% of the total energy.

Can you drink broth in the winter?


Develop these 8 good habits, which will help you a lot.

Can you drink broth in the winter?
Develop these 8 good habits, which will help you a lot.

Almost no malignant disease suddenly appears suddenly in one place, and it is always due to a wrong living habit or in a bad living environment.

Therefore, it is very important to cultivate normal living habits. What to do after getting up in the morning, how to eat at noon, whether to eat or not before going to bed at night.

Good habits keep the body in a healthy state, and bad habits gradually deteriorate the physical condition.

Today, the dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class will talk to you: Developing these 8 good habits will help you a lot.

1, this good habit helps to stay healthy: Do you want to drink water after getting up?

After getting up in the morning, the body has not recovered very well at this time. It will feel a little sleepy or weak, mainly because at this stage our blood is a relatively viscous state. Drinking a glass of water can promote the circulation of blood pressure.
2, this good habit helps to maintain health: Can stomach patients eat hawthorn?

In autumn, a large number of hawthorns are listed. They all say that eating hawthorn can be appetizing. Can patients with stomach problems eat hawthorn?

The answer is: no matter whether it is a mountain product or a fresh hawthorn, don’t eat it in large quantities. The fresh hawthorn is rich in organic acids. Although it helps to digest the appetite, it will stimulate the stomach.

3, this good habit helps to maintain health: can drinking honey water cure constipation?

Honey contains a lot of fructose. Some people are born with fructose intolerance. These people have poor digestion and absorption of fructose. A large amount of fructose reaches the large intestine and increases the osmotic pressure of intervention.

But if you have a strong absorption of fructose, then drinking honey water is not effective for your constipation improvement.

4, this good habit helps to stay healthy: not all vegetables can eat raw vegetables is the most popular thing for middle-class women, but not all vegetables are suitable for raw food, such as spinach.

Spinach contains phytic acid and oxalic acid.

This substance inhibits the absorption of minerals such as calcium and iron, and increases the risk of kidney stones after entering the bloodstream.

5, this good habit helps to maintain health: drinking porridge may not be able to raise stomach and stomach is our important digestive organs, the stomach is very sensitive, often prone to acid reflux, swelling gas, pain and so on.

Speaking of bad stomach, many people first think of drinking bowl porridge. Unfortunately, drinking porridge and stomach is not suitable for everyone. Some people with severe stomach ulcers or acid reflux problems will increase the porridge with excessive moisture content.The stomach is not feeling well.

6, this good habit helps to stay healthy: Can women drink soy milk?

Some people say that drinking soy milk can make up calcium. Others say that drinking soy milk is not good for women. Can you drink it?

In fact, it can be drunk, especially soy milk contains soy isoflavones, which can regulate women’s estrogen levels, especially during periods of significant decline in female estrogen levels, such as menstruation, menopause, and maternity.

7, this good habit helps to stay healthy: stir-fry first put salt or post-salt?

Salt will be more salty before the pan, and there is a salty sensor on the taste bud. It is in contact with the sodium ions connected to the surface of the food. It can sense the salty taste. If salt is added later, the salt has not penetrated into the food.The tongue can feel salty at once.

8, this good habit helps to stay healthy: Is it good for the body to drink broth?

Many people in the autumn and winter seasons are accustomed to drinking broth, and the extension is a solution, which leads many people to think that there is health care.

But for gout patients it is the wrong choice.

Patients with gout or high uric acid need to control the replacement of sputum. Because sputum is injected, the broth will dissolve into many sputum, which is very unsuitable for some people to replace.

Dear friends, can all of the above 8 living habits be done?

Do you still know some habits that need attention?

Share your life experience by leaving a message in the comments section below.

Cycling – a stylish way to lose weight

Cycling – a stylish way to lose weight

Nowadays, people are increasingly advocating healthy and fashionable leisure styles. Some leisure sports that originally belonged to the outdoors have also moved indoors, such as indoor rock climbing, indoor mini golf, indoor skiing and so on.
But there is also a sport called Spinning, which is the latest indoor and outdoor bicycle fitness program that is most effective in stimulating sports desires. It has become popular in the world and has become a fashionable fitness for white-collar workers in Shanghai.motion.
涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鏈夊叧鍗曡溅杩愬姩鐨勭煡璇嗭細銆€銆€鍗曡溅 涓嬪崐韬偉鑳栫殑鍏嬫槦銆€銆€椋庨潯鍏ㄧ悆鐨剆pinning杩愬姩锛岃瑾変负杞﹁疆涓婄殑璧㈠锛屽湪涓浗鏈変竴涓潪甯稿舰璞$殑鍚嶅瓧鈥曗€曗€曞姩鎰熷崟杞︼紝杩欐槸涓€绉嶉€氳繃瀵笵ifferent speed and resistance exercises, coupled with the dynamic music beats in the gym, colorful lights, let you sweat and burn your excess fat.
銆€銆€Spinning movement There are two versions of the origin of spinning.
One way of saying that Australians who love cycling are a fitness exercise invented according to Australia’s unique landforms. Its English name “Spinning” (rotation) is a very succinct summary of its characteristics, that is, you want to keep the wheels moving through the movement.Rotation of the ground to achieve the effect of reducing body fat and improving heart and lung function; another saying that it originated in the United States, currently the most popular in France, Italy, Israel, South Africa.
銆€銆€The “car” of a spinning bike is very different from an ordinary bicycle.
Although there are also handlebars, seats and wheels, it is fixed on the ground. When you sit on it and perform the same braking action as a regular bicycle, you can make the wheel of this bicycle rotate, but its chassisAlways fixed.
The most unique thing about this kind of car is that it can freely change the resistance of the wheel. The seat and the handle (that is, the handlebar) can be easily adjusted according to the individual’s body. When you exercise, you should come together and change the rhythm of music and lighting.The speed and difficulty of the car mimic the natural cycling action such as going uphill and downhill.
Thanks to the safety feet that are always fixed to the fascia, the safety factor is absolutely assured.
銆€銆€Then introduce the training situation: accompanied by the latest international popular and powerful music, followed by the coach with a slogan of slogans to do crazy, novel, exciting movements, with sweaty youthful faces, in a carOn bicycles like bicycles, they are struggling to do the brakes.
Sometimes on a bicycle, sitting in a sitting position, and sometimes standing up and riding in a standing position, sometimes simulating natural cycling action such as going uphill and downhill.
銆€銆€A lot of fat consumption. The cycling course is 45 minutes (in the foreign section, the spinning class is 60 minutes. Because the country just started, the time is shorter.
), warm up in the first 5 minutes; 35 minutes of main training, the coach will adjust the resistance and number of rotation of the car according to individual strength, and simulate the ups and downs, the action of walking in the field, while running the endurance while eating a lot of fat; the last 5 minutesRelax and exercise to make the lines look better.
銆€銆€Finally, the introduction of sports consumption: According to the introduction, riding a bicycle has a bodybuilding effect on the buttocks, thighs and other muscles, which can enhance the lower limb strength of the human body, and its stability and non-displacement, so that the safety factor of training is increased, which is to cure knee joint problems.The best way.
By cycling for 45 minutes a day, you can consume 4 to 5 kilocalories, and you can lose about 1 pound a week. The effect is very obvious.
銆€銆€Spinning This sport is very significant for improving the heart and lung function of the human body. It burns a lot of fat per hour on average. A 45-minute spinning class will burn 400 to 500 calories, which is equivalent to one and a half hours of long-distance running.!
In particular, the sport has a very good shaping effect on the buttocks and thighs.
銆€銆€Cycling and fitness methods and equipment. If you want to exercise, choose the right method.
Experts introduced several methods of cycling and recommended that athletes do their work according to their physical condition: The first type: aerobic cycling.
It is required to ride at medium speed for 30 minutes or so, and pay attention to deepen breathing during riding. This method is good for improving heart and lung function and helps to lose weight.
銆€銆€The second type: intermittent cycling.
This is a training method that relies on changes in speed and speed to effectively exercise the heart function of the human body.
Slowly ride for a few minutes during the ride and then ride for a few minutes, similar to the 鈥渞unning alternate鈥?in running training.
A healthy young and middle-aged population can control heart rate between 120 and 160 beats per minute.
銆€銆€The third type: Intensity type cycling method: First, it is necessary to stipulate the riding speed of each time, and secondly, it is to stipulate its own pulse strength to control the riding speed, so that the cardiovascular system can be effectively exercised.
銆€銆€绗洓绉嶏細鍔涢噺鍨嬮獞杞︽硶锛氬嵆鏍规嵁涓嶅悓鐨勬潯浠剁敤鍔涘幓楠戣锛屽涓婂潯銆佷笅鍧★紝杩欐牱鍙互鏈夋晥銆€銆€绗簲绉嶏細鍦版彁楂樺弻鑵跨殑鍔涢噺鎴栬€愬姏绱犺川锛岃繕鍙互鏈夋晥鍦伴闃插ぇ鑵块楠糡he occurrence of illness.
銆€銆€Feet riding method: use the foot part (ie, Yongquan point) to contact the bicycle pedal to ride, which can play the role of massage points.
The specific method is: when one pedal car, the other foot does not use force, and the bicycle is driven forward by one foot. Each time one pedal car is 30 to 50, the exercise is better when the wind is upwind or uphill.
銆€銆€Cycling equipment should also be professional. Regular bicycles and sports bicycles are not the same.
鈥淧eople who want to achieve fitness goals by cycling have two choices, mountain bikes and road bikes.
The former is slow, but can adapt to complex terrain, suitable for riding in the wild; the latter is suitable for the fitness requirements of speed, and has a good exercise effect on human muscle and heart and lung function.
“Sun Tingfu introduced.
At the same time, these professionals reminded sports fans that bicycle sports have higher requirements for the safety of the riders than other sports.
First, be equipped with professional protective equipment such as helmets, gloves and shoes.
The helmet can play an important role in protecting the head during high-speed riding. Don’t expose the forehead when wearing it; the gloves can prevent slipping and scratching; the sneakers at the bottom of the sponge will be sore when the pedaling time is long.The professional bicycle shoes are hard bottoms, which can concentrate the pedaling power on the pedals.
銆€銆€Secondly, in the long-distance riding, timely add sugar and salty water to avoid “water poisoning”.
銆€銆€Finally, pay attention to the length and height of the frame to match your body, otherwise it will not only affect the riding speed, but also cause damage to the back, legs and upper limbs.

How to clean up lost hair


How to clean up lost hair

To say what is the most troublesome floor rubbish, hair must be the first to bear the brunt.

When cleaning up at home, the most hated on the ground is a group of hairpins. Sometimes the broom and the mop are also difficult to clean up. If you want to use the broom to clean up, the hair will be stubbornly entangled.

So, how can we remove these annoying little hair?

Here, share some practical methods and tips for everyone.

Hair cleaning method 1: With a vertical vacuum cleaner, you can use a vertical vacuum cleaner to remove hair accumulation. In a concentrated area, lift the handheld vacuum cleaner, make the floor gap, the corner of the room difficult to clean, and the hard-to-find areas are also exhausted!

Hair cleaning method 2: DIY “socks broom” First we find the broom at home; then put the broom on the stockings you don’t want.

In fact, the principle of the stockings broom is very simple, the stockings will generate static electricity when rubbing, so that light and fine garbage such as hair will be easily absorbed on the stockings, and it will not cause the wind to blow when sweeping the ground.

Hair cleaning method 3: Tea leaves to remove pet hair First, we drain the leftover tea leaves, then sprinkle the semi-dry tea leaves on the floor, then gently clean with a broom.

Pet hair is rolled in the end of the tea, so it is easy to clean the floor. Hair cleaning method 4: Wide tape to remove the hair release sofa, sheets, hair on the sweater is difficult to remove, you can take a piece of wide tape, on itSticking a few times, it can be easily removed; hair cleaning method 5: DIY cleaning reel also has a simple method, which is to straighten a small roll of paper around a plurality of rubber holsters to find the rope through the straight tube, where there is hair towing back and forthIt is.
In addition, the hair in the sewer is more concealed and difficult to clean. Many people think that it can be done with a pipe dredging agent.

In fact, the hair is made up of protein, which is not easy to corrode itself. Some acid-base solvents will not work, and may damage the pipeline.

It is best to choose a pipe mouth with a sieve to regularly clean up the area of the hair.

Finally, please try to comb your hair in a fixed place.

When you are at home, your hair is best bundled to reduce the chance of hair loss.

How can a lactating mother eat fruits and vegetables to bring nutrition to the baby?


How can a lactating mother eat fruits and vegetables to bring nutrition to the baby?

Heat: The amount of heat energy required by a lactating mother is about 25% higher than that of a normal woman. Women should increase the range of 800k on an inherent basis during lactation.

If malnutrition can directly reduce the amount of milk.

Protein: Insufficient protein supply in lactating mothers will affect lactation and put the mother in a negative nitrogen balance.

The lactating mother should increase the protein by 25g per day on the basis of normal protein supplementation.

Lipids: Lipids are involved in brain development in infants, especially class lipids are particularly important for central nervous system development.

Essential fatty acids have the effect of increasing milk secretion, so mothers should eat more vegetable oils with high levels of essential fatty acids.

Inorganic salts: The inorganic salts of calcium, iron, copper, zinc and iodine are the most obvious for lactating mothers.

Because at this stage it is easy to approve of the lack of these substances.

For example, zinc, malnutrition in the first trimester of postpartum, zinc in milk is significantly lower than those with good nutrition.

Vitamins: Many vitamins ingested by lactating mothers play an important role in maintaining the stability of nutrients in the milk, maintaining the health of the lactating mothers and promoting the secretion of milk. For example, VB1 has the function of promoting the secretion of milk from the breast.

Others such as VB2.

VA, VD, VC also have a very important role.

Daylily: Acupuncture is also called 钀辫崏鑺? and a variety of daylilies, etc., is the part of the flower bud on the weed.

It is a perennial perennial wild herb with roots that are lumpy and like to grow in the vicinity of the back yang.

The nutrient composition is very rich, and the protein value per 100 grams of dry product is considered by the motherland medicine to be beneficial to moist heat, wide chest, diuretic, hemostasis and lower milk.

After the treatment of postpartum milk, the use of needles stewed lean pork to eat, very effective.

Bai: Legend has it that Wu Zetian has less milk after birth, and has complicated constipation and oral ulcers, but she is afraid of taking medicine. At that time, a scholar who had a deep knowledge of diet therapy, Meng Bing offered a diet prescription, and the white mud loach tofu vinegarAdjusted, played a miraculous effect.


Don’t let health care misunderstand yourself

There is no doubt that health care and health care are getting more and more attention.

Into the bookstore, a variety of health care Daquan, manual hot sale, some Jianghu doctors’ “prescription earthwork” is quite popular among the crowd, and even some of the suspected superstitious comments can only be in various health perspectives.

Many doctors say that some of the opinions that everyone is accustomed to are even printed in various health care and health books, there are many fallacies.

If these methods are adopted for health care and health care, it will be counterproductive and even pay a healthy price.

In particular, self-treatment that is often boasted in health books may be full of risks.

銆€銆€The use of remedies is particularly cautious. At 2 pm on July 1, a 50-year-old man in Futian District was poisoned by a homemade medicinal liquor and was rescued by the nearby Futian District People’s Hospital.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the doctor announced that he died.

Mr. Zhao, the son of the deceased, told the reporter that his father had started to see a doctor at a clinic because he was in poor health.

Because the effect is good, the father gave the clinic owner a banner, and the boss gave back some Chinese herbal medicines to the elderly, telling him that he could go home to drink.

“I didn’t expect him to have an accident when he first drunk.

Now I am still waiting for the results of the forensic examination. The doctor initially suspected that it was poisoned by medicinal liquor.

“The doctor who attended the doctor also said that you must follow the doctor’s advice when taking medicine. Don’t trust the doctors’ prescriptions. It is best not to dispense pharmaceutical wines yourself.

銆€銆€Xiao Jinfu, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Guangdong Province, said that many of the prescriptions that have been circulated among the people have been tested by practice and are certainly scientific.

But this does not mean that these treatments can be abused.

For example, in the case of brewing pharmaceutical wines, some Chinese herbal medicines may have unexpected effects, and if unknown principles are put together, they may be dangerous.

Therefore, it is the right health care method to follow the doctor’s guidance and be cautious.

銆€銆€Wang Jianxin, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor at the former Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, also pointed out that many remedies can be passed down, and the curative effect must be corrected, but it requires dialectical recognition to be effective.

“It is a good thing to pay attention to health now.

But people have different types of physique, don’t blindly tonic.

“The first step in the media is to stir up mung beans, and it is good to eat green beans.”

However, mung bean is cool, it can be hot, if the person with spleen and stomach is eating mung beans, it will aggravate the condition and feel uncomfortable.

In addition, the common red ginseng is warm-filled, and people with yin and anger are not suitable for eating.

銆€銆€A variety of health care books were dazzled. A parent led a three-year-old son to find Wang Jianxin, saying that the child had a sore throat.

Asking about the medical history, the original parent knew the solid yuan cream from the book, and bought too much solid yuan cream for the child to eat.

It is not known that the solid yuan cream is mild, and her child’s constitution is not suitable for eating.

銆€銆€In the interview, the reporter learned that after people’s growing health, in addition to more and more varieties of health care products on the market, sales are getting better and better, and various health care books have become frequent visitors to the bestseller list.

From the book, access to health knowledge online has become a habit for many people.

The reporter came to Luohu Book City, and the book-shopping center found that the health care book counter was particularly popular.

The reporter saw in the new book exhibition counter on the first floor of Shenzhen Book City that three of the 20 recommended new books in June were health care books.

On the fourth floor of the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Health New Book Desk” exhibition area, there are no fewer than 100 kinds of books of different shapes.

A waiter told reporters that several new books are on the shelves every month.

“Now people think that health, such books are good to sell.

“But it is good to sell and sell, but the various books, all kinds of statements, it is really difficult for ordinary people to find out the way.”

The reporter found that health care and health books obviously have several characteristics.

The first is to like to quote the classics, and they all claim that their basis is from ancient Chinese medicine.

The second is to advocate simple, special effects, readers can quickly grasp through the previous study.

Just as an old man who selected a book said to reporters: “There are too many health books now, and some of the statements are still in conflict. I really don’t know which one is true and which one is fake. In short, ‘Ning is credible!’

“There are a lot of mistakes in the book that can cause harm.” “The mistakes in the health books are not ‘more’, but ‘too much’!Xiao Jinfu told reporters that the health care of Chinese medicine practitioners on the market and the proliferation of health books have misled the health consciousness of ordinary people and have caused substantial damage to the health of the people.

銆€銆€Xiao Jinfu’s desk is full of popular health care books.

“A lot of books have errors, even common sense mistakes.”

For example, some books claim that there are many benefits to raw food, and even eat raw “living mud.”

How can loach be eaten raw?

Re-diabetes said that some people explained that the cause of diabetes is ‘high sugar in the urine’. In fact, diabetes is caused by insulin, and high sugar in the urine is just a performance.

Xiao Jinfu believes that health care books are popular, and most of them use the inherent characteristics of Chinese medicine. That is, Chinese medicine is not only a medical system, but also a culture and philosophy. It has deep-rooted influence in the minds of Chinese people, but most peopleChinese medicine is not really understanding.

Therefore, these books are invariably labeled with the same kind of Chinese medicine, trying to arouse the resonance of the readers, and they have advertised a simple method with remarkable results, which has made many readers rush to follow suit.

In fact, even the current clinical treatments can be very dangerous to operate at home.

鈥淢any of the health care books are not doctors themselves, and many statements are inaccurate.

In the long run, it is not to hurt the health of the people, but it also hurts the essence of Chinese medicine.

Parents of pediatric experts use health care “common sense” for the sick child “treatment” often misunderstood children with fever: sweat will increase the severity of the disease in summer, all kinds of bacteria, viruses easily spread, during this time to the small children of the city children’s hospitalobviously increase.

In daily life, many parents like to use their health “common sense” to “treat” sick children, but many of them “common sense” may be wrong.

銆€銆€Dr. Zhou Jiaxiu, Director of the Children’s Health Department of the Children’s Hospital of the City, introduced several common mistake areas to the reporter.

銆€銆€First of all, some parents think that children who are coughing and taking cough medicines will be addicted. It is best not to eat better, and some to go to the other extreme, to give children long-term use of addictive antitussive drugs.

In fact, children need to be treated promptly for coughing.

This needs to distinguish the specific cause, and some cough is a protective response to the upper respiratory tract. Blindly taking cough medicine will aggravate the condition.

Some chronic coughs are manifestations of variant asthma, so you should go to the hospital and take medication under the guidance of a doctor.

Due to addiction and drug dependence, it is rare in internal medicines. It is not necessary to talk about discoloration of tigers because some of the antitussives contain codeine.

As long as you use the medicine under the guidance of a doctor at a grade hospital and strictly follow the doctor’s advice, such concerns will not occur in conventional treatment.

銆€銆€In fact, in dealing with children’s fever, many parents think that fever is sweating.

In fact, the child’s central nervous system is not yet fully developed, and the body temperature regulation ability is limited. If the body heat is not released after wrapping the sweat, it is more dangerous, so it is still necessary to untie the clothes.

Some people say that fever can not bathe, in fact, for children with fever, alcohol or liquor can be preferred to bath, especially the alcohol rubbing the forehead, usually, the arm socket, the limbs joint side.

Bathing is also a simple and effective method of physical cooling. Just pay attention to the water temperature when washing. Soak your body immediately after washing.

In addition, heat below 38 degrees is generally not treated, 38.

Only 5 degrees or more need to be cooled.

Those who are ineffective in physical cooling can be treated with drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

When you have a fever, you should observe the child’s mental state. The level of fever is not necessarily proportional to the child’s disease level. Some children with low fever and very poor mental condition may be very heavy.

銆€銆€Third, children are prone to diarrhea in summer.

Parents also have some misunderstandings about the treatment of children with diarrhea.

For example, when using diarrhea, antibiotics are abused. In fact, some diarrhea is caused by irregular diet. As long as you pay attention to rehydration, you can drink boiled water or sugar cans without using antibiotics.

Can not abuse the antidiarrheal drugs, some parents think that the child does not diarrhea, the disease is good, blind use of antidiarrheal drugs will aggravate some children’s condition.

Some parents also treat the normal bowel movements of small babies as diarrhea to treat drugs of abuse.

In addition, there are some children, the symptoms of diarrhea are not obvious, but the spirit is wilting, the condition is already heavy and I don’t know, and some children lose their lives.

銆€銆€Zhou Jiaxiu said that the biggest misunderstanding of parents after a child’s illness is actually to access the information on the Internet, to use the online information as a truth, copy it, and therefore do not believe professional doctors, do not follow the doctor’s advice, delay child treatment.

Therefore, parents cannot trust online information.

銆€銆€Orthopedic experts exercise health should be able to do the right thing and stop playing Tai Chi: the elderly are easy to wear joint cartilage to practice yoga: high blood pressure patients are not suitable for health care, health, very focused on exercise.

Especially in the summer, the major fitness clubs, badminton courts and swimming pools are crowded.

However, the doctor pointed out that although “life is in motion” makes sense, not everyone is suitable for exercise, and if the method of exercise is not correct, it is counterproductive.

銆€銆€Dr. Li Zhenglin, Assistant Dean of Shenzhen Pingle Orthopedic Hospital, told reporters that many middle-aged and elderly people have misunderstandings about sports health.After middle-aged people, the knee joint is prone to degenerative changes in the joint bone due to long-term wear and tear, leading to osteoarthritis.

In Shenzhen, many older people like to play Tai Chi.

However, when tai chi, the body’s center of gravity is complication and slow, causing the knee joint to be overweight, accelerating the wear of the articular cartilage, causing knee pain.

In particular, elderly friends who have poor knee joints, exercise methods are not appropriate, repeated excessive exercise, the tibial articular surface will be subject to frequent friction, squeezing and impact, etc., which will accelerate the degeneration of the tibial spine, causing joint pain.
Similar in the two countries, mountaineering activities are not suitable for older friends.

銆€銆€Many young women in Shenzhen also like to practice yoga, but in order to achieve advanced standards, some people stretch their joints to reach an excessive stretch or extreme flexion position, resulting in soft tissue strains such as joints and surrounding joint capsules and ligaments.

Some people with degenerative spondylosis, joint strain and severe osteoporosis are not suitable for practicing yoga, especially for patients with hypertension.

In addition, “hot yoga” is easy to cause heart rate to accelerate, body water loss, so high blood pressure, high blood pressure, pregnant women and children are not.

銆€銆€All in all, although exercise is a good thing for health care and health care, it is necessary to choose the appropriate exercise method according to your physical fitness, and to fully prepare for exercise before exercise, but also pay attention to the step-by-step exercise method and do your best.

銆€銆€Burn experts burn burn victims automatically dispose of up to 70% burns: Do not apply toothpaste soy sauce summer is the time for students to go on summer vacation, but also burns, burns and high divergence.

Professor Fan Wei, deputy director of the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery of the Second People’s Hospital of the People’s Republic of China, told reporters that due to various misunderstandings, the patients who were improperly treated for burns and burns accounted for 70% of the patients who went to the department.

銆€銆€Fan Wei said that patients often suffer from pain after burns or burns. Therefore, the first reaction of many people is to apply ointment. Especially after a child is burnt, it is most likely to let the parents go to the hospital for medical treatment. What kind of experience and other people’s experience will takeCome use.

Common disposal errors include: toothpaste for wounds, high-alcoholic liquor, red syrup or purple syrup, and some people may even apply soy sauce, ash, and so on.

Sometimes, after a child is burnt, because the parents are flustered, the clothes of the child are pulled off, causing the clothing to rub against the burnt skin and aggravating the damage of the burned skin.

銆€銆€”In fact, the emergency treatment of ordinary burns is very simple, that is, remove the hot and humid clothes and rinse with plenty of cold water.
鈥?Fan Fan said that after an accident, you should get rid of the heat source as soon as possible, cut the clothes with scissors, and then rinse with plenty of cold water.

Never apply any colored syrup and toothpaste, soy sauce, white wine, etc., so as not to affect the judgment of the depth of burns.

You should go to the hospital for a burn specialist as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Health care health common mistakes[wrong view]A lot of food is “phase grams”, the consequences of eating food is very serious.

銆€銆€[Doctor’s Comments]Chinese medicine diet theory believes that food is also cold, cold, warm, hot and salty, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and other foods, while human body is cold, hot, virtual, real.Points.

If you eat both foods that are completely opposite in feeding, they may offset each other’s therapeutic effects.

Such as warm, hot dogs, lamb can not be cold, cool mung beans, watermelon with food, people with debilitating cold is not suitable for eating cold food.

However, there is no basis for the folks to spread the so-called food “tofu”, “tofu, honey with food-induced deafness”, “potato, banana with food freckles” and so on.

銆€銆€[Wrong view]Diet is the essence of Chinese medicine, and can often replace drugs.

銆€銆€[Doctor’s Comments]Diet therapy refers to the formulation of dietary formulas for patients based on the pathophysiological characteristics of the disease under the guidance of TCM theory to achieve the purpose of adjuvant therapy.

Since it is an aid, it means that the diet is only auxiliary, it can not replace the treatment, especially the injection of severe disease, emergency, and the need for medical treatment; if it is in the sub-health state, or after the disease conditioning, you can choose the diet.

銆€銆€[Wrong view]”It is a drug three-point poison”, and there is no substitute for diet therapy, but also serial health care.

銆€銆€[Doctor’s Comments]The drug has a strong therapeutic effect, and the effect is obvious when the drug is used correctly. It is easy to have obvious side effects when the drug is not used properly.

Although the food medicinal properties are weak, they are non-toxic.

For example, mung bean is cold, and people who suffer from spleen and stomach deficiency may cause damage to the spleen and yang. There will be stomach pain, cold, bloating, diarrhea and other problems.

Therefore, regardless of food or medicine, as long as the medicinal ingredients are more than a certain level, it is toxic.

銆€銆€(Fang Sheng)