Eat dinner like this, the more you eat, the more you hurt!

Almost everyone is recruited?

Eat dinner like this, the more you eat, the more you hurt!
Almost everyone is recruited?

Health Xiaobian shouted every day, “Breakfast is good, lunch is full, dinner is less”, but for most Chinese families, dinner is still a “meal” for a small family reunion.

Dinner can be used without a provincial, but the method of eating must be careful, in order to eat healthy and nutritious, otherwise eating the wrong dinner, easy to cause disease.

Dinner 7 “not suitable” (1) Not too late The best dinner time is 18:00?
20:00, not too late.

Otherwise, it is easy to get a stone after eating dinner.

Because of the slow state of blood flow and the frequency of urination, the high concentration of calcium salt stays in the body, and it combines with uric acid to form calcium oxalate. When calcium oxalate accumulates to a certain concentration, it is easy to form stones.

(2) Not too sweet Some people like to eat sweets after dinner, but too sweet things, it is easy to burden the digestion of the stomach; In addition, less activities after dinner, the sugar in the sweets is difficult to break down, will be directly converted intoOh, it is easy to cause obesity.

Similarly, people have a small amount of activity at night, and don’t eat too much, especially in middle-aged and elderly people, so as not to repeatedly stimulate the secretion of insulin and increase the chance of diabetes.

(3) Should not be too spicy dinner If you eat a lot of pepper, garlic and raw onions and other spicy food, it is easy to make the stomach produce a burning sensation, leading to gastroesophageal reflux or constipation, dry stool, indigestion, etc., thus disturbing sleep, it is recommendedDon’t eat too salty and spicy at dinner.

(4) Not too greasy dinner, often greasy food foraging, will increase the body’s cholesterol content, excessive cholesterol accumulates on the blood vessel wall, and in the long run, it will cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Studies have found that people who regularly eat for dinner have a higher blood fat than those who regularly eat vegetarian food?
4 times, the probability of suffering from high blood pressure and high blood fat is greatly improved.

(5) should not drink excessive drinking before going to bed, resulting in a lot of harmful substances in the wine stored in the body, poisoning the body, damage the retina, reduce resistance, avoid snoring and sleep apnea syndrome significantly increased.

It is recommended that you try not to drink alcohol within 4-6 hours before going to bed. If you have to drink, you must drink green tea to hangover after drinking, or drink a cup of warm milk to protect the gastric mucosa.

(6) It is not advisable to drink meat soup. Some people do not want to eat rice at night. They usually use broth as a dinner, but ribs, trotters and other high content are not easy to decompose and digest. Three high patients, gout patients, and poor stomach are not suitable for evening.It is recommended to eat meat soup, it is recommended to eat at noon, and should also remove most of the oil.

(7) It is not advisable to eat foods that are not easy to digest. At night, the stomach needs mild digestion. Cold and cold foods and dumplings. The rice cakes are hard and hard. After entering the stomach, it will directly affect the work of the stomach, making the digestive activities extremely exciting and easy to cause.Acute and chronic gastritis and other stomach diseases.

At the same time, some foods that produce impurities in the digestion process, such as beans, potatoes, taro, green broccoli, etc., will cause bloating, and should not be eaten so as not to interfere with normal sleep.

Recommend a delicious nutritious dinner!

Fish loofah soup: home often one soup[material]1 squid, 200 grams of loofah, ginger, salt, chicken, cooking wine, pepper, the right amount.

[practice]squid cleaned up, cut into small pieces; loofah peeled, washed, cut into sections.

Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, put the loofah, squid and ginger into the pot and pour in the cooking wine.

Bring the fire to a boil. When the soup is white, switch to a small fire and cook until the fish is cooked. Add salt, chicken, and pepper.

[Efficacy]Loofah vitamin B content is high, which is conducive to children’s brain development and brain health of middle-aged and old people; squid meat is tender and delicious, nutritious, high in protein content, and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and multivitamins.
This soup is nutritious and delicious, which is good for your health and beauty.

[Improve nutrition]If you are making squid soup, you can also fry the squid first, but whether it is fried or not fried, you should remember to cook it with high heat so that the nutrients in the squid can be extracted and made into white soup.The fish soup is completely nutritious and more delicious.

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Do 3 o’clock, pharyngitis slowly disappears!

Is there a physical limit to practicing yoga?

Is there a physical limit to practicing yoga?

In today’s city, yoga is quite common in fitness clubs. Even so, too many people feel that it is a mysterious and difficult sport, stay away.

  The promotion of yoga to today has derived a set of simple and practical actions that can effectively help modern people strengthen their physical fitness, reduce work stress, and obtain a peaceful mood.

The following questions are the questions that many friends will have when they first come into contact with yoga. I hope to make everyone more aware of yoga: Question one: I am probably too fat to practice yoga

  Rest assured, yoga is for everyone.

In order not to be embarrassing, there is even a yoga fitness program set up for the transitional.

There is a 242-pound yoga instructor in the United States. She used to be a triathlete, and later switched to teaching yoga. She said, “You don’t have to wait until you become slim and you can start to learn yoga. Then the monkeys will have a chance with yoga?

If you want to learn, you can sign up for action at any time.

“Question 2: My flexibility is not good enough, isn’t it suitable for yoga?

  Don’t worry, it’s all right.

The yoga masters you have seen with your feet around your neck may have been practicing for ten or twenty years. You do not need to be inferior. There is no competition in yoga. Getting self-improvement is the most important gain.

When you do yoga, take your time, do n’t worry, do n’t have to rush into success, and you can improve according to your actual situation-yoga is tolerant and enjoyable.

  Too many yoga coaches often mention the term “Yoga for 50 years”, that is, if you can’t touch the ground in the “downward dog style” this year, it doesn’t matter. One day in the next 49 years, the heel can toucharrived.

In addition, many yoga instructors teach that the sense of purpose does not have to be too strong.

  Question 3: Can I lose weight through yoga?

  Yes, there are too many yoga exercises for weight loss, and different types of yoga have different effects. For example, to burn calories, you should do ashtanga instead of yin.

  But burning calories is not the focus of yoga classes. To really lose weight, you must add aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc. To really strengthen your muscles, you need to add strength lifting exercises, so that the combination can be shortened if it works.

  Question 4: I am religious. Can I practice yoga?

  Yes, although the yoga music is sometimes religious, the ganesha ganesha is sometimes shown in yoga teaching videos, which is easy to be resisted by other religions.

But yoga focuses on spiritual enjoyment and physical exercise. It has nothing to do with religion. People who believe in other religions will not be forced to accept uncomfortable religious actions.

  Question 5: What kind of clothing do I need?

  It can be loose and comfortable, and there is no fixed wearing requirement.

To know if your clothes are suitable or not, you can try to do a dog-style action to see if it is too tight or go out.

Bare feet, remove all accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc.

Extramarital affairs is not worth your madness

Extramarital affairs is not worth your madness

She felt that she met, but after she got married.

  Let the ignorant secret love be hidden in my heart forever, what a dream state that can be browsed at any time in life, but fate has arranged their unexpected encounter on the train.

When she was unsuccessful in marriage, she saw the “Prince of the White Horse” at that time, and rekindled her youthful longing.

And he has been married for four years, and has just passed the marriage preservation period.

  Passionate, bland, and restless. After experiencing the trilogy of extramarital affairs, he began to retire tiredly, did not answer her phone calls, and reduced the number of meetings.

And she, however, got deeper and deeper, and couldn’t stop, she decided to go crazy for this person.

What often comes to mind in her mind is the scene of the two wearing a wedding dress; he was worried that this underground relationship would be exposed again and the consequences would be disastrous.

The vastly different mentality constitutes a huge behavioral contrast.

The more he flashed, the more anxious she was.

  When she was pregnant, she made a nearly crazy decision, putting her reputation, family harmony, and her child’s future on the emotional gambling table-she took her lover to court and asked to confirm his parent-child relationship with her daughter.
  Someone once said that women need a reckless emotional experience in order to have a successful life.

Some people break away for lovers and their families, some go away for marriages thousands of miles away, and some people prefer to be alone and risk the world . and she, the only obsession is used inOut of extramarital affairs.

  I wanted to cast the French Open and catch the fish of love, but the fish died. The result of the lawsuit made her an orphaned widowed woman, her lover, her husband, and her children.

  In fact, from beginning to end, she never got the true feelings of that man.

She rushed forward without hesitation, but for an empty relationship, but disturbed the normal life.

In life, there are so many such women, and even everyone around them is not optimistic, and she has no need to look back.

It’s like a moth flinging fire. It’s impossible in the next second, but it wants extravagance.

  I once read a note novel saying that a pair of lovers should be in love, and a man and his better woman would commit suicide together.

After the woman drank poisonous wine, the man did not.

The woman asked, why don’t you drink.

The man said: “I died with you. My family hates you. They will only bury me, not you.

I want to wait for you to die, I will bury you before I die.

As a result, the man died, but the man died.

  If you meet such a funny man, no matter how crazy, no matter how obsessive, but it ‘s just a tribute that he can show off to others. It ‘s not worth romance, marriage is not everything in life.
When one encounters another, without any harm to others, they can live together fairly and fairly, and it is good to live with each other caringly.

If that doesn’t work, it wouldn’t be great to leave a good impression on each other.

If you love for love, forcing happiness, or even losing the happiness of life itself, it is really stupid.

5 mutton soups make life more enjoyable

5 mutton soups make life more enjoyable

The mutton is sweet, warm and non-toxic, and enters the spleen and kidney.

Its effect is to nourish qi and tonic, and warm under moderate temperature.

Governance is debilitating and thin, waist and knees are weak, postpartum deficiency is cold, abdominal pain is cold hernia, and deficiency is nauseous.

If you can formulate medicine, meat, stew, soup and meat together, or drink soup or eat meat, the power of filling the kidneys and helping the Yang things is better than the lamb’s food.

  ● Angelica ginger and mutton soup recipe: 10 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 250 grams of mutton.

Decoction for juice, stew mutton, and serve in soup.

  Efficacy: warming the liver and nourishing the blood, dispersing cold and warming the kidney.

  Indications: Deficiency, coldness, lack of energy, yawning, or cold abdominal pain, or postpartum blood deficiency in women.

  ● Wuzi Yanzong mutton soup recipe: 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 15 grams of dodder, 10 grams of schisandra, 15 grams of raspberry, 10 grams of psyllium, 250 grams of lamb.

  Efficacy: Filling the essence and replenishing the marrow, relieving kidney qi.

  Indications: Kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, impotence, premature ejaculation, endless urination, prolonged infertility and other symptoms.

  ● Morinda mutton soup formula: Morinda officinalis 15 g, Fairy spleen 15 g, Curculigo 15 g, Lamb 250 g.

  Effect: kidney and impotence.

  Indications: beside the scrotum of kidney deficiency, yang matters are not lifted or held up, or dream remains.

  ● Abstract Jizhongfang formula: 10 grams of velvet antler, 30 grams of white keel, 15 grams of dogwood meat, 250 grams of mutton.

  Effect: Bushen Astringent.

  Indications: Deficiency of kidney yang, premature ejaculation of ejaculation, turbidity of the urethra are common, urine is thin and silky, accompanied by fatigue and low back pain.

  ● Astragalus jianzhong mutton soup formula: 10 grams of cinnamon sticks, 15 grams of peony, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of jujube, 6 grams of licorice, 250 grams of mutton.

  Efficacy: Jianpi Yangshen.

  Indications: Deficiency in cold stomach pain, hi warm and happy press, sore limbs, waist and leg weakness, frequent nocturia.

  People should pay attention to the cold and fever or yin deficiency and fever in patients undergoing the above medicated diet therapy.

Extraordinary homosexuality raises bloodstorm

Extraordinary homosexuality raises “bloodstorm”

The spread of homosexuality is “advancing with the times”. Although most Chinese people still reject homosexuality, they still cannot curb its development trend.
Many college students take the initiative to turn themselves into homosexuals in order to catch the “fashion”. This “zero discrimination” and “zero sensitivity” thinking is very good, but it is not advisable to develop homosexuality with a “play” mentality.
  The case of lesbians was introduced in a program of “The Legal System in Progress”.
Qiu Hehong is a college classmate. They are very good. Qiu is strong and has been hit by affection. She is determined not to fall in love with men anymore; but Hong belongs to the kind of quiet and weak girl who has never fallen in love with men.
  The character of “attack” and “acceptance” prompted them to embark on the “rugged path” of homosexuality.
Hong’s emotions are still in the nascent stage of ignorance. She, who is weak in Confucianism and has no love experience, needs a support, and the autumn that takes the initiative to show love has naturally become the only choice.
In their junior year, they formally established a love relationship.
  ”Autumn Love” spreads wildly in the ears of the students, but it has no effect on female lovers. The reason is simple. The rotten life in college allows homosexuality.
University is a university, society is a society, and two different environments have very different views on homosexuality.
Entering society means that the beautiful love between autumn and red has come to an end.
  After graduating, the two were fortunate to work in the same company. For Qiu, this is a heavenly beauty. In contrast, Red is not so excited. Colleagues’ strange eyes on homosexuality hurt her heart like ice cones.
In order to preserve her reputation, she reached an agreement with Qiu, never revealing their relationship to anyone.
  As soon as the petite and lovely Red joined the company, someone began to pursue her. She already had “love experiences” and longed for heterosexuality. She wanted to get rid of the “chain” of homosexuals and live a normal life.”Feet two boats.”
  People’s feelings are not that it is impossible to buy and sell in half. Autumn gradually feels red and cold and perfunctory. Many things under the eaves will “open up” suddenly.
Qiu found the red underground love, and Qiu wanted to keep her lover, but no matter what he did, Hong’s attitude was very strong, and she cut off the love between them.
After suffering setbacks, Qiu couldn’t bear the second blow. She lost her mind and killed Red . This is a typical case of love and hate. The masculine Qiu belongs to the homosexual initiative. Red’s feelings are not as extreme as Qiu.Passive acceptance of homosexuality.
From an emotional point of view, Qiu needs to find an object to alleviate the haze in her heart; “unmanned” red belongs to “good baby” and needs someone who can make her depend.
The emotional excuses of the two girls exactly match, so homosexual behavior will occur.
  But the problem is that the two people have a wrong starting point for homosexuality. Qiu is too focused, and Hong just likes mistletoe “loves this” temporarily.
One wants “homeowner” and the other is “passer”. This relationship has no purpose at all, even if there is a single love in Qiu.
The fragile “love” cannot resist the “cannonball” of true love, and Hong will inevitably leave Qiu.
  In fact, homosexuality also has to pay for its true feelings. Barely compromises and the pursuit of “fashion” have tarnished its essence.
The consequences of continuing blindly are unthinkable.

Bad memory sunburn_1

Bad “memory” sunburn

Wipe off sun kiss marks.

hzh {display: none; }  不良“记忆” 阳光晒斑  因日晒引起的色斑不会立刻显现,而是经过一段时间才崭露头角。The skin’s memory of stains will not only be carried out when the ultraviolet rays are strong, but also the sunlight exposure on weekdays will also remain in the memory, accumulating hidden dangers of stains.
  The memory process: When the sun shines on the skin, the stratum corneum plays a protective role, because it is composed of “dead cells”, and ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate.
But when the stratum corneum becomes thinner, the sunlight is too strong or the exposure time is longer, the protective ability of the stratum corneum will be reduced, and ultraviolet rays can pass through it, harming living cells inside the skin.
The melanocytes responsible for the protection inside the skin receive the signal to protect the skin and immediately produce the melanin dutifully.
  At this time, the skin did not look dark or stained, maybe just a little redness, but the internal cells have stored the memory signal-the ultraviolet rays are too strong, I want to double my protection!
Therefore, melanin mother cells still produce melanin in large quantities when not exposed to ultraviolet light.
This is why, for a period of time after you return from the sun exposure, you will not only get spots and darken, but also it will be difficult to recover for a long time.
  Amnesia strategy gives cells more security: The reason why skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time is difficult to restore fairness is largely due to “cells lack of security”.
The memory of being damaged by ultraviolet light has always affected it, letting it keep producing melanin to protect itself.
If you simply use a whitening product that inhibits melanin production, it can only have a temporary effect, because the memory of the cell is not cleared for a day, and its action of producing melanin will not stop.
In addition to sun protection, it is recommended to choose skin care products that protect the cells, create a comfortable environment for the cells, let it get a sense of security, and bad memories will naturally disappear.
The “OPS Comprehensive Protection System” in Guerlain Whitening Series can achieve the purpose of protecting cells, and the products of Simao Opal also have the function of protecting cells.
  The stratum corneum is still “strong”: don’t look at the stratum corneum is composed of old waste cells, its protective effect on the skin cannot be underestimated.
Pigmentation always appears first at the cheekbones, because the stratum corneum is thinner than other parts and the skin’s ability to protect itself is insufficient.
If you don’t want to leave “stain memory” on your skin, you must make the stratum corneum stronger.
Exfoliation should be performed according to the skin type, preferably not more than twice a week.
In the autumn and winter seasons, we must pay more attention to the moisturizing of the stratum corneum, because as the weather becomes cold, the stratum corneum that is not moisturized will become fragile and easy to fall off.
In winter, it is best to use oily day cream and night cream at the same time.
The method of detecting whether the cream is sufficiently moisturizing is very simple. After eight hours of use, the skin does not appear dry and tight.
.hzh {display: none; }  定期进行记忆大扫除:皮肤的“色斑记忆”并不是在暴晒后才产生的,而是每天都在积累,想要与色斑一刀两断,必须保持黑色素排泄通道——毛孔The smoothness of the skin, memory cleaning of the skin from time to time.
Applying a mask, massaging the skin to increase metabolism, and soaking in a warm water bath to promote blood circulation are all good ways to accelerate melanin excretion.
  No emoji marks left Bad memories Emoji lines Emoji lines include head-up lines caused by head-ups, frown-line frown lines, crow’s feet lines caused by smiles, law lines caused by laughter or pouting, and neck lines caused by head movement.
It can be said that every laugh and scold is to strengthen the memory of the skin, making it more dangerous for expression lines.
Before 25 years of age, the skin is still elastic and “only leaves expressions without lines”, but over 25 years of age, you have to weigh when squeezing your nose and making faces.
  Memory process 过程 Expression lines are different from wrinkles caused by age and environmental influences. It is not only related to age but also closely related to skin memory.
When a person smiles, cries, or makes a grimace, the brain transmits expression commands to the tissue at the junction between the deep dermis and the muscle—the dermomuscular interface, which then directs the muscles to contract and expand.Over time, the skin-muscle interface will record the frequently contracted and expanded parts, forming wrinkles.
This is the same reason as repeating the words, and wrinkles appear in the same place constantly, and the skin has memory.
Therefore, people with richer facial expressions are more likely to have long facial expressions than others.

How Mummy Chef Makes Children Love Vegetables

How Mummy Chef Makes Children Love Vegetables

Many children have a habit of anorexia, and vegetables are one of them.

However, vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and parents are bothered because their babies don’t eat vegetables.

Here are 4 tricks for parents.


Don’t make monotonous stir-fried vegetables into healthy salads. Instead, mix ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, cooking wine and sesame oil into the vegetables to make a vegetable salad. Change the taste, and your baby may like it.


Seasoning some meat dishes such as roast beef with tomato slices or lettuce with green decoration, not only garnishes the alignment, but also adds the flavor of roast beef. You can pretend to grab the few slices of lettuce with your baby.


Try new flavors. According to nutritionists, many people don’t like eating vegetables because they are tired of the taste of vegetables they often eat and don’t know how other vegetables taste.

Nutritionist Libert introduced his experience: “As long as you try to eat some vegetables that you have never tasted, maybe you will like the taste, or you will become addicted.

“So, go to the grocery market and choose those vegetables that you usually eat less, because the baby also likes new ideas.


Making Vegetables High Quality When you mention vegetables, do you have a monochrome display in your mind: broccoli, spinach . everything is green.

But in fact, vegetables are also colorful, with red, yellow, purple . Vegetables of each color can add new vitamins and minerals to the table.

You can fry carrots, sliced lean meat, green peppers and other green foods that can be combined together. It can be on the plate, which will cause your baby’s appetite.

Case: Fantastic formula for dizziness

Case: Fantastic formula for dizziness


Mai Mendong Tang Jin, male, 54 years old, a cadre, had a first diagnosis on March 8, 1989.

The patient has a history of hypertension for 5 years, with insomnia and dreams in the past 2 years, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cyanosis, and shortness of breath after exercise.

After oral administration of “hypertensive drugs” and “lipid-lowering drugs”, the symptoms improved.

The illness has been aggravated by a week of work harassment.

Dark red tongue, thin yellow fur, slippery pulse strings.

The card belongs to: deficiency of qi and yin, internal resistance of phlegm and stasis, loss of consciousness.

Expelling Qi and nourishing yin, reducing phlegm and reversing sputum.

Recipes with asparagus soup: 30g of asparagus, 15g of Pseudostellaria heterophylla, 15g of Pinellia ternata, 6g of licorice root, 30g of powder kudzu root, 12g of double hook vine, 30g of purple salvia, 30g of raw dragon oyster, and achyranthes20g, 10 jujubes.

  2 diagnosis: 5 doses of medicine, dizziness greatly reduced, the remaining card can be reduced, but sleep is still poor, plus fried jujube kernel 20g in front.

A total of more than 20 doses were taken above and below, and all symptoms were removed.

After changing the powder to consolidate the efficacy.

  The syndrome is yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, stasis and phlegm, and liver liver movement.

Expelling phlegm and phlegm, relieving phlegm and removing phlegm.

Recipe with Taoren Chengqi Decoction: 15g peach kernels, 12g rhubarb, 6g mirabilite, 6g cinnamon sticks, 6g licorice root, 10g salvia, 30g each raw dragon oyster, 40g raw cassia cassia first, 20g Sichuan beef knee15g of turtle plate first.

2 diagnosis: After taking the above 1 dose, a lot of sticky black and black stools were made. After the stool, the mood was comfortable and dizziness improved.

After taking 3 doses, the stool was twice a day, and it was a thick gray-black stool. The dizziness was relieved and the blood pressure decreased by 22.


The 5kpa (165 / 95mmHg) medicine is symptomatic. The original prescription is to remove mirabilite, add 15g prunella, and 10g to Dilong. Following the above 6 doses, blood pressure returned to normal, dizziness, tremor and other symptoms also disappeared.Maru Yishan followed.

  According to this case, there are two characteristics of pathogenesis. One is to highlight a deficiency character. Qi deficiency causes blood lines to be unhealthy, and yin and blood are deficient, which leads to loss of blood network. Qi and yin are both deficient.

This is also “without imagination”.

The second is to highlight a phlegm word, phlegm and blood stasis are intertwined, and Qingyang cannot dazzle due to Yang Qingqiao.

Fang used Maimendong Decoction to nourish qi and nourish yin to replenish deficiency; reuse Pinellia sputum to reduce sputum.

Achyranthes bidenta nourishes liver and kidneys, ignites the fire and lowers the fire; Shuang hookeng clears heat and calms the liver, sputum sputum and relieves fire; Gegen, Danshen Huayusheng helps metastasis of the stomach, and improves stomach qi and blood stasis.

Deficiency is nourished, phlegm is eliminated, stasis is reduced, and medicine and evidence are combined.


Xiao Qinglong Tang Feng, female, 54 years old, teacher, first diagnosed on November 9, 1988.

The patient has a history of Meniere’s disease for more than 10 years. Ten days ago, she suffered from a cold, vertigo, and conscious nausea and vomiting. She could not eat and tinnitus.

The tongue is reddish, the moss is thin and white and the water is slippery.

According to estimates of “intramuscular injection” and “intravenous infusion” of Chinese and western medicine, vertigo has improved, but nausea and vomiting are made when standing up.

Family members therefore sought treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

Card type: exogenous wind and cold, causing phlegm drinking.

Expelling the cold and expelling the cold, warming the lungs to drink first.

Recipe Xiaoqinglong Decoction: 10g of ephedra, 10g of cinnamon, 10g of white peony, 6g of asarum, 6g of schisandra, 15g of pinellia oleracea, 6g of jujube and licorice, 15g of turmeric, and 10g of ginger.

  After taking 3 doses above, sweating and pyrolysis, dizziness greatly reduced, and spirit improved.

The original prescription was Jiao Atractylodes 20g, Alisma 30g.

  After taking 3 doses of medicine, the dizziness has ended, all the symptoms have been eliminated, and the disease is cured.

  According to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases, we must grasp the main symptoms and identify the cause.The target of the disease is the cause of the disease.

The dizziness certificate in this case was caused by external feelings.

The wind and cold beam table, the lungs are not declared, drinking water stops, causing Qingyang does not rise, turbid Yin does not fall and caused dizziness.

Featured Xiaoqinglong decoction to relieve the evil of the table, to declare the lungs, and to drink turbidity.

The evil of the table has been solved, the Qi and Qi are cleared, the Qing rises and the turbidity drops, the drinking evil differentiates, and the clear qi is nourished, so the dizziness is also removed.


Tao Ren Chengqi Tommy, male, 58 years old, chef, first diagnosed on February 21, 1990.

The patient has a history of hypertension for 10 years. He often has headaches and dizziness.

“Hypertensive” is often taken orally.

In the past two weeks, dizziness has worsened due to discomfort, and he has a heavy head and light feet. He wants to fall, has a sore waist, soft legs, red eyes, irritability, constipation, not done for 1 week, short urine, red tongue, red tongue, Yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse strings.

BP: 28.


0kpa (180 / 110mmHg), the postponed diagnosis and treatment after introduction.

    The syndrome is yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, stasis and phlegm, and liver liver movement.
Expelling phlegm and phlegm, relieving phlegm and removing phlegm.
Recipe with Taoren Chengqi Decoction: 15g peach kernels, 12g rhubarb, 6g mirabilite, 6g cinnamon sticks, 6g licorice root, 10g salvia, 30g each raw dragon oyster, 40g raw cassia cassia first, 20g Sichuan beef knee15g of turtle plate first.
2 diagnosis: After taking the above 1 dose, a lot of sticky black and black stools were made. After the stool, the mood was comfortable and dizziness improved.

After taking 3 doses, the stool was twice a day, and it was a thick gray-black stool. The dizziness was relieved and the blood pressure decreased by 22.


The 5kpa (165 / 95mmHg) medicine is symptomatic. The original prescription is to remove mirabilite, add 15g prunella, and 10g to Dilong. Following the above 6 doses, blood pressure returned to normal, dizziness, tremor and other symptoms also disappeared.Maru Yishan followed.
  According to this example, the syndrome of deficiency of yin and yang, stagnation of phlegm and blood stasis, and deficiency of heat and depression are combined.

As a result, Qingyang does not rise, turbidity does not fall, liver wind, phlegm and blood stasis are cleared and put into dizziness.

The formula used Taoren Chengqi Decoction to relieve diarrhea, remove stasis and coagulation, remove phlegm and turbidity, expel lower coke and blood, eliminate hyperemia and depressed blood in the upper body, and induce blood flow to eliminate dizziness, headache, and brain swelling, and alleviate various symptoms.

Recipes for purifying phlegm and nourishing yin, quenching the wind, treating phlegm and treating heat, treating yin, recuperating yin and breezing the essence, synchronizing the medicine and evidence, eliminating evil and relieving yin, calming the yin and yang, and removing the symptoms of the disease are cured.

If the transaminase is too high, it will give out 5 signals. Even if you are greedy, don’t touch these 6 kinds of foods!

If the transaminase is too high, it will give out 5 “signals”. Even if you are greedy, don’t touch these 6 kinds of foods!

Transaminase is widely present in various tissues and organs of the human body, with the most abundant in the liver, and when 1% of liver cells are damaged, the concentration of transaminase in the blood is doubled.

It can be said that the level of transaminase can detect whether the liver is damaged or not.

So what is the high transaminase?

High transaminase will give out 5 “signals”. I hope that you have no normal value of transaminase is 0-40 units, but transaminase is at normal value 2.

Less than 5 times, that is, below 100 is considered normal.

If more than 100 but less than 120 IU / L, the mild transaminase is high.

When the transaminase is high in the human body, there will be pain in the liver area, jaundice, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms.

There are many reasons for the high transaminase, and the symptoms caused by different causes may vary.

Possible symptoms include jaundice, abdominal pain, nausea, fever, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest swelling, edema, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and low fever.

If the condition continues to develop, the prevention will eventually develop into cirrhosis or liver cancer. It is advisable to adopt proper conditioning as early as possible. Improving the diet is the best way to control the disease.

High transaminase, even if you are greedy, you need to avoid 6 kinds of food. In principle, people with high transaminase diet do not have foods that need special taboos.

In addition to stimulating foods that have an effect on elevated transaminase, try not to eat.

At the same time, for people with high transaminase, avoid eating six kinds of food.

People with high transaminase eat less foods containing chemical additives.

People with high transaminase, high cholesterol foods (such as seafood, egg yolk, animal offal) also need to eat less.

People with high transaminase are manifested as liver damage and avoid drinking alcohol, so as to avoid more burden on the liver.

People with high transaminase eat less or do not eat sashimi in shellfish.

People with high transaminase should not eat irritating foods, certain MSG, mustard, pepper, and onions.

People with high transaminase should not eat high-fat, high-sugar foods.

Then what should I do with high transaminase? Try this leaf soaking water. The leaf that the rappelling transaminase says here refers to the tea. The tea is a treasure. If you don’t drink it, you don’t know it. It is better to use it than the Cordyceps!

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Tea is bitter and cold, Yin is yang, Shen is also falling, the most can reduce fire, fire is a disease, fire is clear.

“The reason why tea culture is popular in the upper reaches is because it has a health-care effect. A few cups of artemisia selenium tea every day is a good choice.

The Yiping selenium-enriched tea is produced in the Ziyang Selenium Ecological Zone of Shaanxi Province, and the selenium content is more than 6 times that of other teas.

Selenium on the human body’s “hepatitis factor”, excellent liver conditioning effect, can eliminate harmful free radicals, accelerate liver detoxification, decompose alcohol, metabolism abnormalities, and even control the increase of transaminase, and seleniumIt can inhibit the effect of hepatocellular carcinogenesis.

Moreover, Indian scholars have tested 28 pathogens with “green tea plus antibiotics”.

The results showed that the tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, theanine and other nutrients contained in the green tea were greatly enhanced by the conversion of antibiotics, and the highest sterilization efficiency could be increased by more than three times, and the infectivity of various bacteria was reduced.

The person with high direct transaminase insists that 1-2 cups of wormwood selenium-enriched tea per day can effectively reduce the burden on the liver, reduce the transaminase, and also help to improve the immunity of the body against the damage of the liver by external toxins.

Subsequently, the water temperature of the brewing selenium tea of Artemisia is 85 °C, and the water can be boiled at the beginning.

The brewing time is preferably 2-3 minutes.

The ratio of tea to water should be appropriate. It is suitable for 1:50. It is usually used to wash 3 grams of tea with 150 ml of water. The tea soup brewed is moderately light.

Don’t mess with the massage in the summer

Don’t mess with the massage in the summer

When the weather is hot, people always have such problems when they are resting. It is too hot to sleep, too cold and windy, and even more painful is the wrong sleeping posture, which will cause pillow fall. This phenomenon is most common in young peopleYes, massage is the most common way to fall a pillow, but sometimes massage does not help, so is it effective in the summer?

  Traditional Chinese medicine says that once a pillow occurs, don’t be nervous first, calm down and take symptomatic treatment.

Apply local hot compresses to keep warm. Apply hot towels or hot water bags to the affected area, or soak the towels with Chinese herbal decoction for hydration and blood circulation.

Later, massage the pain in the back of the neck with gentle techniques, and then apply anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment, or spray the painful area with analgesic, acupuncture and cupping.

  Care should be taken not to sleep on a high pillow or a hard pillow after nursing.

After about 3 days of treatment and rest, it can generally relieve pain, enter the rehabilitation period, and move the skull.

When the condition is serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment, such as physical therapy, which can improve local blood circulation, relax the tense muscles, and reduce pain.

Those with obvious tenderness points can use 1% procaine 5ml or 2% lidocaine 2ml for local closure to relieve pain.

  Health care: Although massage techniques can be used to treat stubborn pillows, they must be performed by experienced doctors. Do not let a good-knowing person with “knowledge” “help”. Don’t try to force them to reduce them directly, or force them to make noises.Because the method of rotating the cervical spine can cause danger once it is out of control, and there are too many lessons in this regard.

In addition, may wish to take some traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation.

In the acute phase, seizure activity should be properly controlled, and flexion and extension, measurement of flexion and rotational distortion, and the extent to which it can be moved are limited to not causing or exacerbating neck pain.

  Is there any effect of pillow pillow hot pack in summer? The effect is very obvious. It is more obvious than massage. Many times, pillow pillow massage is very dangerous, so it is better to relieve the pain first, and then the proper massage effect will be better after hot pack.