How to tie up with your boss

How to tie up with your boss

What kind of person is your boss?

Is your boss a person who only wants to grasp the big picture, or a person who doesn’t let go of everything?

If you report a chase to someone who only wants to see the big picture, you will soon bother.

You may think that you are exhausted about a certain job, but your boss is indifferent, but it is wrong to think so.

A leader who only wants to grasp the big picture will think that you should do all the basic work well, otherwise the other party will not trust you.

Your boss may only value results.

If you understand the boss’s personality earlier, your cooperation will be pleasant.

  Are you helping your boss achieve his goals?

If you know exactly what tasks your boss wants to accomplish, you’d better help.

Knowing those particular goals will help you better understand where your department is headed.

With this information, you can take forward-looking measures to help your superiors achieve their goals. The boss will also see you as a member of the department, so when he is promoted, you will be promoted.

  Does your boss like to deal with problems in the morning or in the afternoon?

If you know that your boss is not the one who likes to deal with problems in the morning, you should try to avoid being the first person he will be called on-especially when the two of you do have a problem to discuss.

You will find that your boss is more likely to listen to opinions at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and is more likely to help you solve the problem. Don’t bother before he drinks a second cup of coffee.

  Do you know your expectations from your boss?

Only a few lucky people will be expected by the boss and set goals for them.

Everyone sharpened their heads and wanted to be one of them.

If your boss is a detail-oriented person, you should write down briefly what you think the other person expects of you, and then give it to the person for advice.

And if your boss is a person who feels dizzy at first sight, you’d better talk about your role and responsibilities in the department with places other than the other person.

Keep a note of what you’re talking about. Armor often review and make sure you’re helping your boss achieve his goals.

  Are you doing everything you can to make your boss and department suddenly outstanding?

You know, if your boss is outstanding, then you will also be outstanding.

You need to find a way to make your boss outstanding.

If you have any ideas that can improve your department’s work, be sure to let them know.

But talk privately and don’t conflict with each other.

If department work improves, you will gain more trust, which will only benefit your career.

  Once you really get along with your boss, you will feel like you are more of a partner than a superior.

As a partner, your boss will entrust you with more responsibilities to make your career progress and work more satisfied.

Beware of muscle strain in summer sports

Beware of muscle strain in summer sports

Summer is here, the best time to lose weight by exercise.

But don’t take it easy to think that the hot muscles are not easy to be injured. Be sure to prepare for exercise before exercise, move your hands and ankles well, and fully stretch the muscle tendons.

Because most sports traumas are caused by self-protection in fluoroscopy, excessive muscle or joint activity or improper movement.

However, once you are injured, don’t be nervous. Here are some simple first aid measures to teach you to deal with the wound in time, so as to minimize the harm to the body.

  Sprained foot wearing high heels, falling while running, etc. may cause sprained foot, which is one of the most common sports injuries.

If you are sprained during exercise, the first step is to stop the exercise immediately, and don’t turn the injured joint again, otherwise the joint will only be hurt more.

The ice pack is forward. You can pack some ice cubes in a plastic bag, apply some water to the injured area, rest for 5 minutes after each 15 minutes, repeat this for about one or two hours, and then cover the injured band with an elastic bandage.joint.
Also, raise the injured part every day and gradually swell.

  Reminder: Generally speaking, a sprained foot requires a recovery period of 2-3 months. You must wait for a full recovery before you can run, otherwise you may have a sprain again.

In addition, after the injury, do not massage the injured part, so as not to cause a wider range of congestion, which is very detrimental to treatment and recovery.

  Finger bruises Finger bruises are mainly caused by incorrect movements when catching the ball, or excessive tension and straightening of the fingers when the ball is broken.

When a finger is just bruised, it is medically referred to as the acute phase, and the wound should be immediately cold-applied with cold water or ice for about half an hour, so that the capillaries can be contracted and the edema can be reduced.

The emergency period usually lasts for 24 hours, during which time it is cooled and applied at intervals, about 2-3 times.

After the emergency period, you can use some blood-activating slurries such as safflower oil, Yunnan Baiyao spray, etc. to wipe the affected area and gently rub.

  Reminder: Do not use this type of medicine or rub the affected area for acute symptoms. This will accelerate blood circulation and cause swelling.

In addition, if your fingers are not healed but you want to continue to exercise, be sure to fix the affected area with tape or bandages such as bandages to avoid injury again.

If your finger is very bad, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment after a simple treatment.

  Muscle cramps Muscle contractions, commonly known as cramps, are caused by sudden contraction of muscles or involuntary contraction of brain nerve tissue.

There are many reasons for venous constriction, including excessive muscle exertion, excessive loss of salt in blood, and local temperature changes.

A certain kind of muscle cramp appears when you jump into the cold water to swim without warming up sufficiently.

Frequent occurrences of this area include fingers, palms, forearms, toes, calves, thighs, etc.

  If you have a fractured finger, you can clenched your fist first, then stretch it hard, and move quickly several times until you recover.

Palm fracture, first hold your hands to cross your fingers, reverse the palm to extend, stretch hard and bend back, and recover after multiple exercises.

Toe fracture the toe bone, straight forward, use the toenails of the fractured toe to the heel of the other foot, use the heel to press the foot as hard as possible, so that the soles try to bend backward.

Fracture of thigh fracture, make the leg bend in front of the abdomen, hold the calf with both hands, forcefully admit it several times, then straighten the leg, repeat this many times.

  Reminder: If the duration of muscle cramps is shortened, or the above methods are not effective, you should receive heat therapy quickly, using a hot water bottle, hot towel, hot bath or any kind of electrothermal therapy.

Topical spray painting or rubbing some loosening pain or lotion can also be effective.

How to avoid the fate of boiled frogs in warm water

How to avoid the fate of “boiled frogs in warm water”

You can apply them in any field.
Whether it is sales communication, goal setting, time management, or leadership organization, these principles and laws can be applied.
  Six General Laws of Psychology 1. Firmly Believing in Laws When you have 10,000 percent belief in something, it will eventually become a fact.
  2. The Law of Expectations When we are expecting something very strongly, what we expect often appears.
  3, the law of emotion “rational thinking” is also an emotional state, so people are 100% emotional animals, and decisions at any time are emotional decisions.
  4. Law of Attraction When your mind is focused on a certain field, people, things and things related to this field will be attracted to you.
  5. The Law of Specialization Only when you specialize in one area will your field grow exceptionally.
So no matter what industry you are in, you must aim to be the top of the industry.
  6, the law of inertia As long as you can continue to strengthen it, it will eventually become a habit.

Destroy men’s beer belly to force small coup

Destroy men’s beer belly to force small coup

[Introduction]The waist is too obese and can’t get involved in women. It also suffers from men, and it is quite a beer belly. It doesn’t look good after all.

If you want to eliminate the “beer belly”, you need to work together in many ways. At one point, you should eat 7 minutes at a time; exercise at least 30 minutes a day; wash a warm bath before going to bed to improve your sleep.

  Medical experts have developed a set of sports that can be done anytime and anywhere, which is very effective in eliminating the “beer belly”.

First, hold the elbows with both hands and stand on both legs. Second, take the elevators and walk upstairs. Third, if you can stand up and finish, it is best to stand up and finish, such as waiting, calling, reading newspapers, wearing shoes and socks, etc.
At the earliest time, the toes are slightly toad, and the body is in a relatively tight state.

  Experts also suggest that to reduce the aunt on the stomach, it is best to strengthen the abdominal exercise in the case of strengthening the body movement.

In addition, three meals a day: without ignoring breakfast and lunch.

If you don’t eat lunch, you are likely to heal back to your home and eat a big meal at the dinner table.

Eat less snacks: only carry low-fat, low-energy snacks or snacks such as fruits, vegetables, biscuits, etc.

  Put water in the summer: drink water from time to time.

When you want to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water and the desire to eat sweets will disappear.

  Don’t let mental stress force you to eat more: When you have mental stress, don’t pick up food, but go for a walk.

Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating.

  Don’t eat out: the meals in the restaurant often contain more energy and jealousy than the home-made meals.

Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer low-fat meals near your unit.

Don’t go to a fast food chain because there are very few low foods to choose from.

  Don’t eat alone: eat with colleagues and friends.

Focus on the personality of the companion, not on the food.

  Do not eat buffet: Buffet often leads to a lot of eating.

  Pay attention to the amount of alcohol: alcohol has higher energy, which can prevent the consumption of body fat and reduce the willpower.

If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix it with soda.

Drink plenty of water and low-energy drinks.

  In addition, with reasonable exercise, you can achieve a certain abdomen effect.

  In sports, you can reduce fat through aerobic exercise and equipment training. Aerobics include: aerobics, running, cycling, climbing, cycling, etc.

Each training requires aerobic training for 40-50 minutes of continuous exercise, and should ensure that the pulse during exercise exceeds 120 beats per minute, at which point it will occasionally burn.

  At the same time, muscle training, increase your own metabolism, help the body consume more energy.

If you’re pregnant, hurry up and clean your wardrobe.

If you’re pregnant, hurry up and clean your wardrobe.

Pregnant, what is the first thing to do?

The reporter found in a random interview that most people chose to buy supplements.

However, teacher Li Qian of Tianjin Institute of Clothing Technology reminded that expectant mothers could not ignore the dress. Women who are just pregnant may wish to clean up their closets first.

  Teacher Li said that the most important thing for pregnant women to dress is comfort and safety.

When cleaning the closet, the clothing that goes to the chemical fiber fabrics is first cleared out, especially the underwear.

Because during pregnancy, women’s skin becomes sensitive and sweaty.

Frequent contact with artificial fiber fabrics can easily cause skin allergies, which may affect the baby’s health in the abdomen.

  Brightly colored clothes are the second category that should be temporarily closed.

In order to reduce the degree of discoloration of clothes, many clothes will use azo as a color fixing agent, and azo may enter the blood circulation through skin contact, causing harmful effects.

  What should be left behind are clothing made of pure cotton fabric and silk flakes.

Clothing made of this material is highly breathable, hygroscopic and heat-insulating, making it suitable for pregnant women.

Now the weather is gradually getting warmer. Pure cotton fabrics will feel cool and comfortable if they are worn as close-fitting underwear or outerwear. In the hot summer, the sweat-absorbing function can always keep the body dry; silk clothes have better thermal insulationAnd light and soft, it is also a good choice for pregnant women.

  When buying new clothes, choosing natural fabrics is a basic principle.

In summer, choose cotton and linen; in spring and autumn, we mainly use plain weave, wool, blended fabrics and knitwear; in winter, we use all kinds of woolen cloth or clothing with fluffy padding.

  Obviously, expectant mothers should not wear new clothes directly, because various dyes and other chemical agents will be used during the processing of the clothes. Direct wearing may cause skin allergies, and in severe cases, even lead to skin healing, which will definitely bring pregnant womentrouble.

Therefore, new clothes should be washed once or twice before being worn.

Cold-prone people should avoid eating coriander

Cold-prone people should avoid eating coriander

Coriander is a spice vegetable that people often eat. It has the functions of stimulating appetite and improving digestion.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coriander has the effect of warming and strengthening the stomach.

People with cold constitutions who eat coriander properly can recover from cold stomach pain, indigestion, and impervious measles.

  However, people who are susceptible to colds should avoid eating coriander.

Because these people often have varying degrees of qi deficiency, and coriander can be scattered, eating more or prolonged eating will consume gas and damage the spirit. Long boots will cause or aggravate qi deficiency, resulting in a more severe cold.

In addition to repeated colds, those with qi deficiency often show discomfort such as sweating, fatigue, burnout, etc. Those with obvious symptoms of qi deficiency should preferably eat less or no coriander.

Postpartum patients who have recovered after the illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also “keep away from coriander”.

  Although people who often catch a cold have to “draw the line” with coriander, they have a stronger body and better physique. People who occasionally catch a cold can use it to treat a cold.

When Chinese medicine treats colds and colds in the clinic, some traditional Chinese medicines are usually used to relieve the cold, and coriander has exactly this effect.

Patients with colds and colds can take 9 grams of coriander and 10 grams of light onion, decoction and seasoning with sugar.

In addition, people with spleen and stomach deficiency who moderately eat coriander can also dissolve warm stomach and dispel cold, help digestion, and alleviate stomachache. You can add orange peel for digestion and qi, and ginger with warm stomach and disperse cold when you are about to cook.Add ground coriander and drink it carefully.

  People who suffer from stomach lag due to the accumulation of greasy food can also ask coriander to “help”: take 50-100 grams of fresh coriander, wash and smash and take juice, which can effectively relieve stomach pain.

In spring, the spinach marches

In spring, the spinach marches

Spinach is a seasonal vegetable in spring. It has the effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing, relieving liver and nourishing blood, and has better adjuvant treatment for hypertension, dizziness, diabetes, and anemia caused by insufficient liver and yin in spring.

  Spinach’s nutritional value and health benefits Spinach is rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Among them, the rich iron has an improving effect on iron-deficiency anemia, it can be surprisingly ruddy and radiant, so it is respected as a beauty product.

  Spinach is rich in B vitamins, which can eliminate vitamin deficiencies such as angular cheilitis and night blindness; the carotene contained in it is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and the health of epithelial cells, prevent infectious diseases, and promote children’s growth and development; Contains a large number of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and selenium, has anti-aging, promotes cell proliferation, can not only activate brain function, but also enhance youth vitality, can prevent brain aging, prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  Spinach contains chromium and an insulin-like substance, which has a role very similar to insulin, which can stabilize blood sugar. It contains a large amount of plant crude fiber, which can promote the degradation of peristalsis, facilitate defecation, and promote starch secretion and help digestion.It can assist in the treatment of complications such as hemorrhoids, chronic pancreatitis, constipation, and anal fissure.

  A guide to eating spinach Spinach can be fried, mixed, burned, used as a soup, and used as an ingredient, but it must be cooked with water. Spinach contains oxalic acid, which affects the body’s absorption of calcium after eating. Therefore, it should be cooked before eating spinach.Dropping vegetable water in the past can reduce the oxalic acid content by 80% and also remove the astringent taste of spinach.

  After eating spinach, eat more kelp, vegetables, fruits and other alkaline foods to introduce calcium oxalate to dissolve and discharge, to prevent stones.

  Spinach and roots are treated with boiling water and boiled with sesame oil to treat high blood pressure, dizziness and constipation. Spinach and goat liver can be treated with sesame oil to treat blurred vision and dry eyes.

  [Health recipe]Stir-fried spinach Ingredients: Moderate amount of tender spinach.

  Seasoning: spring onion, ginger, cooking oil, refined salt, MSG each amount.

  Method: 1. Pick and wash spinach, split the root with a knife, cut into sections, blanch with boiling water, remove, drain the water, and shred the onion and ginger; 2. Set the wok on the fire and inject cooking oil to boil to sevenWhen it is hot, use the spring onion and ginger to shabu, then add the spinach, add the salt and MSG, and stir-fry until it is ready to serve.

  Efficacy: weight loss, bodybuilding, beauty.

  Spinach, pepper and oil ingredients: spinach, shrimp skin each amount.

  Seasoning: sesame, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, pepper, edible oil each amount.

  Method: 1. Wash the spinach cleanly, blanch it with boiling water until it is ripe, remove and rinse with cold water, squeeze the floating water, and cut into sections; 2. Put the shrimp skin, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, and sesame into the hot spinachPut the seasonings together and put in oil); 3, heat the pot, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil, heat, and add peppercorns. After the peppercorns have the flavor, remove the peppercorns and pour the oil into spinach; 3, Mix well and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood and eyesight, moisturizing intestines and facilitating.

  Spinach pork blood soup ingredients: fresh spinach, cooked pig blood each amount.

  Ingredients: Ginger, spring onion, lard, salt, pepper, MSG each amount.

  Method: 1. Cut pork blood into strips, ginger slices, and green onions; simmer the spinach with boiling water, remove and rinse, and cut into sections; 2. set the pot on the fire, add lard, and add onion and ginger.Pour in pork blood, stir-fry, pour cooking wine, stir-fry until dry. 3. Add water, salt, pepper, spinach, boil and serve in a soup pot.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood to stop bleeding, astringent yin and dryness.

  [Cooking recipes]Keep spinach root when eating it, because spinach root is rich in nutrients, contains cellulose, vitamins and minerals, but does not contain traces.

In particular, spinach root with ginger can be used to control or prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

  Contraindications to spinach Spinach cannot be eaten with tofu.

Both are cold, and the same food can hurt the stomach, spleen, and kidney, and may also cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Furthermore, tofu contains inorganic salts such as calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride. If it meets oxalic acid in spinach, it will be combined into calcium oxalate and magnesium oxalate. Both of these compounds can be absorbed by the human body. If long-term feeding, it will cause calcium deficiencyOr stones.

  Spinach should not be eaten with pork liver.

Copper, iron and other metal elements contained in pig liver are combined with spinach with high vitamin C. Metal ions can easily oxidize vitamin C and lose its nutritional value.

  Spinach should not be eaten with chives.

The two have the same function as a smooth intestine, which can easily cause diarrhea.

  Pregnant women avoid eating spinach often.

The oxalic acid contained in spinach has an inestimable destructive effect on zinc and calcium. If pregnant women consume too much spinach, symptoms of calcium and zinc deficiency will occur, which is not good for fetal development.

  Children avoid eating spinach.

If a child consumes too much, various trace elements in the body interact with oxalic acid, especially with a strong reaction with calcium, which will cause the child’s bones to change, and rickets and osteomalacia will occur.

  People with nephritis and kidney stones should not eat spinach.

The oxalic acid and calcium salts contained in spinach can combine to form calcium oxalate crystals, making the urine color of patients with nephritis cloudy, and increasing the cast and salt crystals.

Cold qi and yang qi 4 medicated porridge for qi deficiency and chills

Cold qi and yang qi 4 medicated porridge for qi deficiency and chills

It is cold in winter, and Chinese medicine believes that the cold air is hurtful.

Elderly people have insufficient sun energy and are not resistant to cold.

Therefore, the elderly in the winter to eat more cold porridge, both to prevent disease and strong body, but also to protect against cold.

  Select 250 grams of lean lamb for lamb congee, wash, cut into diced meat, and stew with 1 turnip to remove the simmering flavor.

Then remove the radishes and put in 150 grams of porridge.

  Mutton is warm, is a high-protein, low-cholesterol food, and mutton porridge often eaten in winter can nourish qi and invigorate deficiency. It can also benefit kidneys and aphrodisiacs when warmed to moderate temperatures.

Most suitable for patients with anemia, chronic gastritis and deficiency syndrome.

  Walnut porridge takes 50 grams of walnut kernels, mashed, and cooked with 100 grams of rice, can warm the essence.

  Walnut kernels are high in trace amount, rich in linoleic acid, and have the effects of nourishing the brain and nourishing blood, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and nourishing the kidney and strengthening the waist.

Completely adjuvant treatment of chronic gastritis and chronic colitis.

  Take 3g of ginseng porridge, place it in a casserole, and cook slowly for 20 minutes with water and heat, then add 100g of the previous rice to cook until the porridge is thick, season with honey or rock sugar.

  It is suitable for the elderly who are physically weak after suffering from illness, or who suffer from chills and food stagnation, and who have diarrhea.

Regular consumption of ginseng porridge has a good intervention effect on patients with myocardial malnutrition, coronary arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris, arrhythmia and other symptoms.

  Take 3g of ginseng porridge, place it in a casserole, and cook slowly for 20 minutes with water and heat, then add 100g of the previous rice to cook until the porridge is thick, season with honey or rock sugar.

  It is suitable for the elderly who are physically weak after suffering from illness, or who suffer from chills and food stagnation, and who have diarrhea.

Regular consumption of ginseng porridge has a good intervention effect on patients with myocardial malnutrition, coronary arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris, arrhythmia and other symptoms.

  Leek porridge Cook the porridge first, then chop and slice the right amount of leek, and cook for a while before serving.

  Leeks contain a lot of vitamins A, B, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances.

Cooked chives and sweet tonic.

Regular consumption of leek porridge can help Yang slow down, Buzhong Tongluo.

Suitable for those with cold back and cold, sore waist and knees.

Hot and cold exchange season is prone to grievances

Hot and cold exchange season is prone to grievances

In autumn and winter, many people feel sad.

This is because modern medical research proves that at the bottom of the human brain, there is a gland called “pineal gland”, which can secrete “melatonin”.

This hormone can promote sleep, but too much secretion can easily make people depressed. Changes in temperature can cause indirect effects, especially in the season of cold and hot alternating seasons.

  In the season of sad autumn and winter, the feeling of grievance will be more obvious.

Most of the time, I feel compassion for myself, but from a psychological point of view, health depends on the cause of grievance. If it is true, then grievance is healthy and there are ways of psychological compensation;Then pay attention.

  Appropriate feeling of grievance is a kind of self-awareness, an evaluation of one’s current state, and then there will be corresponding emotions and behaviors to self-regulate.

It should be said that a certain degree of self-pity is good for the body.

  Once the grievance is overdone, it is a scourge to people and to themselves.

Relying too much on it to prevent communication and mutual assistance with others is only frustrating.

After aggrieved fermentation, it is easy to spread and cause a chain reaction.

When there is unsatisfactory, it is enough for you to have a proper compassion for yourself, without having to draw yourself as a prisoner, and completely encircle the wrong circle.

  Really aggrieved, these venting methods deserve attention: 1.

Run to an empty place where no one is screaming and screaming exhaustedly; or go to the singing hall with friends, and feel better; , 2.

Get together with your close friends, sip a few drinks, and confide your frustration and pain to your friends; 4.

Talk to your family or loved ones and look for support in good faith.


Going for a workout can strengthen your body and improve your will and endurance; 5,

Listen to the music with your heart. Music is the healer of the soul.

Accidental pimples are increasing

Accidental pimples are increasing

In order to completely eliminate the acne in the shrinking bladder, some girls find a specialist to help prescribe the medicine. The medicine is stubborn, but the acne is becoming more and more significant. What is going on?

Is the skin allergic to the drug?

  ”Is taking pill and pill less likely to develop new acne these two weeks?

“Miss X, looking at the second visit, asked the doctor while looking through a magnifying glass.

  ”Big acne is less long.

But why do I seem to have more small acne?

Miss X couldn’t wait to release the two weeks of questions in a hurry!

  The above dialogue can be said to be the dialogue between many acne families who see the doctor for the second time.

Of course, not everyone will have this situation. In fact, more people have fewer large acne, fewer small acne, and fewer acne!

  So what kind of conversation would someone have?

In simple terms, it is a person who appears with a transition period of acne.

  The so-called more small acne in Ms. X’s mouth is actually not the actual acne, but the phenomenon of acne rising upwards.

The following author will let everyone know through the following figure.

  Everyone knows that the most important thing to get rid of acne is to get rid of acne.

Because acne is the predecessor of acne, as long as the acne is not removed for a day, it may catch the opportunity at any time and become acne. Maybe it is eating the wrong thing to stimulate it into acne.It is the evolution of hormones before the physiological period that stimulates it.

  So usually the doctor will prescribe one or two medicines for wiping the whole face when seeing the doctor. Why do I have to rub the face without acne just to remove all acne in the pores.

But rubbing does not make acne evaporate. It is actually the acne that is visible or invisible to the naked eye in the pores. It slowly lifts up from the depth of the pores, breaks the cocoon and gradually rises. Finally, the face is washed off automatically.

So netizens can see that in the picture, when the acne has not actually floated to the top surface, and the acne can be washed down, the acne that is lifted up will actually highlight the skin surface. At this time, the acne will become more obvious, andMany people’s patients have misunderstood many small acne.

  Because this process may be very simple to see pictures, but in fact, acne can be washed from the beginning of acne treatment to the real face wash. It usually takes six to eight weeks, so many patients watched the small particles change before six to eight weeks.Most of them are very nervous, thinking that their acne has worsened or treatment has failed.

  In fact, as long as you understand this phenomenon, you should be happy that acne has surfaced!